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Prototype X - imminent completion

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  • Prototype X - imminent completion

    Now, calm down, everyone!

    I am awaiting only some revisions to Dr Steve O'Shea's article on Architeuthis and a couple of illo's to have PX1 'in the can'. I then have a few weeks delay in binding and cover-printing, but after that PX1 (pilot edition of fifty) will be available! So looking conservatively at mid-end July! Possibly sooner. 145 pages, heavily illustrated. Supplies will be limited but I'll prioritise to first come, first served with contributors and the very kind distribbutorswho-have-shown-an-interest getting first dibs. If the Arts Council come through with the goods, PX1 will go into commecial production before the end of the year. If they don't, it'll be (a) later (b) a pain in the ass :D . However, I will only charge postage for the first fifty copies (after that it will have a 'cover price'!). Despite the fact that my accountant just billed me. And the University. And I snapped the timing belt on the car. No, it's Ok. Don't thank me.... :lol:

    I hope you bloomin' like it.

    I done me best, honest.


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    I mean, I will charge only postage for the first fifty. NOT I'll only charge postage on the first fifty. I'll have to charge it on the rest, too!

    It's all that typing. I've lost command of Ingleesh.


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      145 pages is a substantial volume. You are to be commended for your zeal and devotion to this task.

      We've discussed the financial stuff at some length, so I won't belabor the question any further at this time.

      As for the Arts Council, did you then, in fact, apply to the London Arts Council for a grant? This issue was discussed by us lightly a couple of months ago, but I hadn't heard that you had taken the plunge. Good luck.

      I now need at least 7 copies. :roll: You and I will settle the details off line, I'm sure.



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        Originally posted by Perdix
        It's all that typing. I've lost command of Ingleesh.
        Magister Perdix, he speeka many languages. Of alla dey languages he speeka, he speeka dee Ingleesh dah best.



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          Any chance to see a Table on Contents before the publication hits, or do we just have to wait until the finished product (like most magazines)?

          I don't wish to detract from the concentration and much head-banging against wall to finalize completion ;)

          I've been mentioning it to as many people as I can.




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            I, also, would be interested in the TOC, for many of the same reasons. I've asked before, but Perdix has sidestepped the question nicely. I conclude he doesn't want to divulge the TOC until publication time.



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              Originally posted by L_Stearns_Newburg
              I, also, would be interested in the TOC, for many of the same reasons. I've asked before, but Perdix has sidestepped the question nicely. I conclude he doesn't want to divulge the TOC until publication time.

              Fair enough. I guess he doesn't want to sell through too quickly :P

              I've learned to be a patient lad. In fact, I just heard from a publisher in regards to a story she accepted about 5 years ago, but then the zine went on hiatus and I just figured that it would never be published. But now she's back, and the story is slated for the new issue... and now I need to revise it and send it back soon. So being patient is worthwhile



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                I'm patient enough.

                I have, over a lot of the time he's worked on it, been in reasonably close touch with Perdix, so the status doesn't come as a surprise. (He did manage to finish this phase a little quicker than I thought he might.)

                It's just my hope that I'm not disappointed when I see the final product. Expectations are so high, it'll be difficult to meet them.

                If this works out okay, perhaps we really can approach Langdon Jones about writing a story for the next issue. :lol:

                Wait and see time.

                By the way, Jeff, good luck on the revisions to that old story. Revising a work after some passage of time can be difficult. Let us know when details of its appearance become solid.



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                  Prototype X 1 almost ready? Nice one! I hope to be able to get my hands on a copy sometime in the (relatively) near future! Its sounding like quite a large work, 145 pages is quite a lot. Well done for your hard work and effort for this Perdix!


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                    Sadly I ran of steam before the final stretch (well, my computer-legs failed me), but Master P has been carrying the baton for us all... I imagine his arm is getting rather tired now. Hold on, sir! The finishing line is almost in sight! Then it will be cream teas all the way down...

                    I am very much looking forward to the publication, and know there's no way I can be disappointed. Unless every single one of my contributions (text and image) has been purged for expressing an apathy towards Dr. Who, I am still going to be appearing in print near Mike, and that's more than I ever could have hoped for back in the day!

                    I salute you Darren! :D
                    "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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                      Aah! My friends! Salutations to you all - I am merely a pipeline, a drain if you will, for you dreams to reach the masses (well forty-odd folk with some spare time...) :lol:

                      I will put up the TOC soon - there are fory-five pieces, most with at least one illustration. Most illustrations are colour. For most pieces there is a standard two-column format with major illo's on separate 'plates' on 'facing pages'. Mostly. There are seven non-fiction pieces.

                      There's no free gift with issue 1, but there is a competition to win a Cierva C-30 Autogyro! Model. Unmade. In a box. :D


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                        sounds like a lovely piece of print....
                        how much will the commercial version cost?
                        The spanish market is all mine :twisted:



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                          Wonderful, this announcement makes up for the lack of sun this bl... summer!
                          I'm also very proud to be in a mag together with DeeCrowseer and Mike, and all the others of course! Congratulations, Darren, for the resolve to really pull this through!
                          Always said I'd like two copies, but with the many orders you already have, I doubt the 50 you're producing will reach the demands. Forty odd contributers with one free copie plus additional cones, ... and then?
                          I offer paying for at least the additional copy, but if your expenses are very high, without hesitation I'd pay for them both. The fun was worth it. And the postage. Maybe you could add some medical samples, though, to heal my deaf Scottish Terrier "Josie" ...?
                          Google ergo sum


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                            I'm fairly certain that every issue (at least of the first printing) will come with loving good vibes on every page, to heal man and beast. The paper is made from strong moral fibre, and the ink is made from the joyful tears of a dancing unicorn. Just having the item in your possession will add 2 D20 to your "hit points", and give you a D4 defence against most posion attacks! Not to be sniffed at...
                            "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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                              It's also a Chaotic Good magazine (Oh, Dee! We have revealed our mis-spent adulthoods!). And how did you know there was a dancng unicorn in PX1? Page 92... :roll:

                              I shall certainly endeavour to meet all requests - I think I'd be disingenuous if I didn't say 'donations are welcome!'. So I'll work out postage costs for UK, USA, France, Spain and charge just that for the number ordered, but if anyone wants to contribute to the funding of further print runs (which I'm quite prepared to do) then my Swiss Account is under the name of Baron D. von Rothschild-Rockefeller III. Teehee. Well, you know what I mean. It's the cartridge costs :lol:

                              L'Etranger - do not be fooled by apparent deafness in Scotties - it merely indicates that they are too busy working out their cut of the profits on your Whisky consumption, in cahoots with the Westies down the road. Alternatively, she may need her lugholes plucking...I'll try 'remote healing' ...Omm....

                              BTW, Dee - as well as your illo's gracing many of the main pages, you also have a sort of 'montage strip' (don't worry - it's not a tabloid matter) on the RHS of the Contents spread. Hm. Somehow that sentence sounds rude.

                              Everyone please remember, though, that PX1 is still effectively a collection of essays and small pieces: I mean, my graphic and layout treatment of the material is fairly 'straight', I think: it is rather more like a book than a mag. Just in case folk are expecting anything too fancy and curlicue....