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What is Prototype x and how do i get in it?

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  • What is Prototype x and how do i get in it?

    What is Prototype x. Is it a online magazine or a paper or cd or what or all?

    I have done many pictures. I would like to submit one or more to Prototypye x. How do i do this.

    Do i have a chance of some goon copying my picture on to their computer and passing it off as their own? I have an idea that might work involving a prominant signiture in the corner of the picture. Not as i would like it but, you have to be carefull.

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    It's a mag. paper mag, that is. If you want to submit something, send it to Perdix (use the email button on his profile). Submissions for issue #1 are over, but there will be more if Perdix does not go bankrupt after the first issue is, er, issued.
    Intellectual property law applies to works published in PrototypeX just as anywhere else...


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      Hi, Yolanda! I'm glad you're back around - in fact, if you're quick, I can still accept images for PX1. It's a (just about) 75 (ie. 150 sides) page A4 mag (more like a softback book) in colour, part-fiction, part-fact. Tending to SF, but with subjects from pure fantasy to giant squid to Napoleon. Authors and artists retain original copyright, and most material is submitted electronically to me via e-mail: I arrange the final layout, but don't materially alter your work except by discussion (ie for artwork, not at all, except sizing). The initial 'run' is laser-printed (but at pretty high res) and professionally bound with a commercially-printed cover. I don't think a second-generation scan of images from the publication would be particularly great, but obviously I can't guarantee someone won't 'swipe' an image! We just have to rely on vigilance and the law...


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        Hey can anyone still submit? Is there a page with particular submission information?


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          Take a look at the submission guidelines, which is the first thread in this forum. I made it "sticky," so it stays at the top.

          The submission for fiction and essays is closed for the current issue, but open for PX-2. Apparently, the window is still open for art.



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              Were is this mag published? I live in England. I have pictures done. Id like to be able to buy it. What the place i go to submit?


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                Submissions guidelines thread, in this forum. See above. The magazine, Prototype X, is being published in the U.K. The editor, Perdix, is located in Molesey in Surrey. You can obtain a copy by sending e-mail to Perdix requesting a copy. You must pay the shipping costs, either by cheque or PayPal. The details for PayPal for Prototype X are located in this Forum.

                If you have art work, it should be submitted in JPEG format. If that doesn't work for you, contact PsychicWarVeteran, and ask him about what other formats are available for submission.

                You need to send the completed images to Perdix via e-mail. You can send them to the following address: [email protected]

                Further questions? Really, if you'll read the submissions guidelines, everything should become clear.



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                  Will look in the mass of threads.

                  Glad your in England.

                  Do i get money for being printed or is it a none payment, get your work shown thing? Dont mind either way.


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                    Unpaid, sadly! At the moment. It is a work for the pure love of it! We'll produce more if we don't run out of any more of the money we haven't got!


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                      Done some pictures. I want to use a pen name. Or do i have to use my real one.


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                        Pen name's fine!