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LSN = H.H.Munro reborn?

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    He's b-a-c-k.

    Welcome back, L'Etranger. I hope the vacation was a good one.


    Originally posted by LEtranger
    As far as I'm concerned I got my copy of the WHITE WOLF'S SON today (it took longer as I ordered it through a local bookshop, AND I SUPPORT BOOKSHOPS instead of online dealers for social reasons). therefore I won't be free to contribute mucv here. And tomorrow's my final day at the office before I go on a three week leave, two of them in Espaأ±a.


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      Hi LSN,
      thanks, you had your "L'Etranger" detector on, eh?
      Yes, I'm back, but I think I need a holiday now,

      Wasn't all bright ... with one child getting a terrible inflammation of the ear (auditive canal) and that screwed up several days (and nights) for us, seeing specialists and stuff, and of course for her who loves water dearly and was banned from it. Great disappointment for her. Some other complications, plus storms finally: I even saw (and filmed) the birth of a water spout that looked much like a little tornado. Went another path, but we got a load of hail.
      But good to have been away.
      I'll rest a few more days, Monday I'm back at the office. Lots to catch up with, hope the threads are intelligible.
      Not all members around, it seems, had asked Etive before I went to post something to commemorate Jerrico's Bd which would have been on Aug. 30th to my knowledge, but can't find anything.
      Google ergo sum


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        Actually, I remembered the timetable you told us for your vacation, and made a mental note that you would be back by today. When I looked at the site and saw you were visiting, it was clear.

        The "L'Etranger Detector" is still being debugged.

        Sorry to hear about the medical and meteorological problems during vacation. I'm reminded of the time I visited Mau'i and after the 3rd day there developed a serious case of blood-poisoning from an insect bite, resulting in a lengthy visit to the hospital. There went THAT vacation. :roll: It happens.