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    Kutting edge? Advance Guard? What? Where?

    Develop a vocabulary, identify traditions, speak the new vernacular, slurr the Prototype X slang....

    Film: Fellini, Kubrick, Boorman, Antonionionionionionionnio...

    Role Model: James Bond

    Architecture: Koolhass, Liebskind, Calatrava, Piano....

    Criticism: Jencks, Ecco, McLuhan and . . . ?

    Design: Quintin Fiore the guy who helped McLuhan put together The Medium is the Message and War and Peace in the Global Village. He also did the graphics for The Making of Kubrick's 2001. And who else?

    Prose models: Cure for Cancer, The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, Typee, NEW WORLDS....

    High Priest and Law Giver: Spike Milligan

    Sharp rap at the door: What's next in comics/graphics/illustration? Will Prototype X be there? Is there another way to narrate that tale, boys and girls? Will Prototype X be there?

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    It will be if Dee gets his PC fixed... :lol:

    How did you get those nice colours? I'm the Sheditor, and I can't get them?! I'm incompetent!


    On the late, lamented Spike; after my last trip to Plymouth to check out ickle sharks, I was able to utilise some of his verse:

    I must go down to the Sea again;
    To the lonely Sea and the Sky.
    I left my shoes and socks there;
    I wonder if they're dry?



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      Originally posted by Perdix
      Soulfully expressed, my dear fellow. Soulfully expressed....

      I got the colors by selectively twidling the twidles. They are part of the control panel at the top, have you not got them?

      Last night I was tossing and turning over James Bond (Oh! Hmm? Ahem!). Anyway, I am uncomfortable using a fictional character for a role model. If it's alright with the community, I should like to elect a new role model, Bob Fosse, if that's alright?


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        Nice smile, epic lapels..he's our man!


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          So should Prototype-speak be obtuse arty, sardonic hipster, or sexist cheese? The Bob Fosse reference threw me. Would his influence incorporate obscure Broadway dance terms into the new pool? Maybe Liza Minelli?

          Too many role models to sort out.


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            Originally posted by Doc
            Too many role models to sort out.
            Now you're gettin' it, kiddo. It's the only way to get anywhere in this town!

            Meantime, baby, start with these:



            Call me. *blows a kiss* muuuuwah!


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              I know I'm a total git, but I'm sorry to say I've always flaming well loathed 'Dance' as an artform. I'm quite a physical sort, and I have a reasonably developed aesthetic sense...but humans boinging around just don't do it for me. I think it's because I've worked with animal movement and biomechanics - humans just look bloody ridiculous in comparison to dolphins, birds, cats...I know it's incredibly difficult, and I can see the interpretative cleverness relative to the inspiring sound; I even quite enjoy doing it - but as 'performance art', gor blimey , no. It's almost as bad as Cirque du bleedin' Soleil...really difficult, huge dedication, yet utterly cruddy result.

              Mind you, Russian dancing's a scream...(ow, me knees!)...



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                Just use the "Font color" drop-down, Perdix.



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                  nowI think...