Here's a link to a place called They are a free service that makes their money with a percentage of income any book/anthology makes. They offer print on demand and e-books services, and have options to allow for multi-contributor's royalities.

This would free up money for advertising, and take some of the mystery out of setting up any other POD type service. I know of one small press, that uses Lulu entirely and has such authors as Charlee Jacob and Joe Lansdale lined up this year. I've even thought about using it myself, but I prefer to have someone else publish my novels, since I am dirt poor and couldn't advertise well, let alone the "air of a vanity" situation with my own novels. I have one novel in the submission que at CyberPulp, though.

Please check out the information at this site. It might help free up some of the burden if all of the Prototype X staff agree to use it.

Just a suggestion.