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    Originally posted by mordenkainen
    Liebfraumilch? 8O
    I think Liebfrauenmilch is a wine, but I'm not entirely sure. Kept hearing of it, but don't think any living member of the Squadron ever tasted it. Maybe they sell it to the Japs who have taken over Rothenburg/Tauber. I'm more into wines from Tuscany ... Morellino de Scansano for example.
    Google ergo sum


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      Liebfraumilch is an 'orrible (but cheap) wine sold in the UK.


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        Originally posted by Etive
        Liebfraumilch is an 'orrible (but cheap) wine sold in the UK.
        Imported to foster Euro-scepticism, I suppose.

        Should you come one day, you'll be served some Morellino!
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          I made contacts at several bookstores in Manhattan:

          St. Mark's Books: I talked to one of their mamagers and I'll call when the appropriate person is in this week.

          Forbidden Planet: Our contact person is Jeff and he wants us to call back third week of May.

          Strand: Our contacts are owner Fred or his daughter Nancy. They don't work on Fridays or weekends. Probably best to go into the store to deal with them rather than telephone. Someone want to pop in? I'll be back in June in the meantime.

          I neglected to get up to Labyrinth Books near Columbia U. (they are on Broadway and . . . ohh . . . 110th). I'll pay them a visit in June unless someone else wants to pop in.

          And in Portland, where my cousin and her husband work at Powell Books, which is a big big store (stores) with a large Web presence and connections to, my cousin gave me the name of the magazine person. I'll call this week.


          The Max Ernst show at the MET is WAY COOL! Sorry I missed you, A.

          Meanwhile, in Midtown, the new MOMA is horrid! The architect seems to be playing off the motiff of a prison exercise yard. Vast eight-story central cavity, box-like, Kaffka-esque.... The galleries themselves: a maze of cold boxes. After an hour I just wanted to get out.


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            Man! You are a little Kugelblitz of energy! I'm only printing 50 in the first batch! But I'm sure we can do more... :D

            Blue Nun.


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              At this rate, we're going to NEED a commercial press just to turn out the required # of copies.

              Blaue Nonne ist Scheiأ?. Berncasteler Doktor. That is, if you insist on sweet-ish wines from the Rhein Valley.



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                  Mateus Rose?


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                    You're in the groove, Baby!


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                      Of course, 20/20 is the tipple of true gentlemen, and you knows it. Any drink available in primary colours, has to be good for you. Fact.

                      aka The Brown Crow


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                        Thunderbird and White Lightning (very, very frightening...) :D

                        Am I going off-topic?


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                          Originally posted by Perdix
                          Thunderbird and White Lightning (very, very frightening...) :D

                          Am I going off-topic?
                          I think we went off-topic collectively, Comrade Shark-Healer!
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                            Originally posted by Perdix
                            I'm changing my name...Darren Valkyrie? D. R. Sea-Vixen? D Parnell Prawn? No...D R TSR2! That's it.
                            Funny you should mention TSR2, as Airfix is releasing a 1/72 scale kit of this aircraft, Autumn 2005.

                            Maybe Airfixcan be signed aboard as a Prototype X advertiser?

                            Anybody know a TSR2 test pilot available for interview?[/img]


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                              Please observe closely: the picture of TSR2 on the box. Only one engine is producing thrust. And indeed during an early test flight TSR2 on only one engine did pull away from the BAC Lightning chase plane thundering behind.

                              And both of the Lightning's engines were on afterburner!



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                                I apologize for characteristically driving this thread back on topic, but I wanted to remind everyone about this post:

                                I just got off the phone with The Elliot Bay Book Co. I didn't have to sell very hard at all, as the buyer for "zines", as he would categorise our project, was eager to let me know the details. We chatted for nearly 10 minutes. I've been to the bookstore several times and I can tell you that the zines have front door to-your-left table space and can been seen as you descend the spiral staircase into the cafe. Count them, that's two major exposures. To the left of the zines are the magazine racks. The independent stuff is taken seriously. He said that his zines sell very well. He starts a publisher off with 5 copies and on the usual reorder requests as many as 10, especially when the publication has sold well. The consignment of an issue is for a maximum of 2 months.

                                There is no contract. Just a casual ("super casual" in his words) consignmnet. The publisher sets the price and 40% goes to Elliot bay and
                                60% goes to the publisher. He suggests that the book be sold as low as affordable, and that the publication shouldn't be under priced, because obviously that works out to nobody's best interest. It seems the readers at Elliot Bay have a taste for the independent publication.

                                He also tipped me to CONFOUNDED BOOKS a zines dealer that pays outright, but only starts with one or two copies. I'm too busy to chase this down, so perhaps one of you chaps or chapettes could hound this one down.

                                Great news, I'd say. The Queen's hand reaches into the shops of the colonies once again.
                                So, I'm down for 6 copies, Mr. P. 1 for me and 5 for Elliot Bay.

                                madness resumes
                                The cat spread its wings and flew high into the air, hovering to keep pace with them as they moved cautiously toward the city. Then, as they climbed over the rubble of what had once been a gateway and began to make their way through piles of weed-grown masonry, the cat flew to the squat building with the yellow dome upon its roof. It flew twice around the dome and then came back to settle on Jhary's shoulder. - The King of the Swords