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Londonites -anyone receiving Resonance? (104.4FM)

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  • Londonites -anyone receiving Resonance? (104.4FM)

    I notice Arty radio station Resonance is back up, anyone listening?

    It seems a little less arty than the old incarnation, no programmes featuring the sound of a pan of water being boiled across the atlantic are mentioned in the schedules........

    'course, you can't get it in the north, where, as a recent R4 programme pointed out, we don't know how to read, and therefore wouldn't appreciate it anyway.

    What M-A_19 is banging on about
    \"It got worse. He needed something to cure himself. What? he asked. M-A 19 he answered.\"

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    Nonsense, MA-19. Northerners just read with that funny accent and whippets, ehnt it?* :lol:

    *Despite being born a Southerner, and currently resident in wildest Surrey, I am very at home in Yorkshire, which I miss. The West and North bits anyway.
    Bolton smelled of poo, though. :D


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      Originally posted by Perdix
      Bolton smelled of poo, though. :D
      Aye, that it does.


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        Six degrees of resonance - well, probably fewer than six - involving this forum and Resonance:

        1. Resonance FM is an offshoot of the London Musicians' Collective...
        2...which is traditionally London's centre for free improvised music...
        3...which was the kind of stuff played by the Amazing Band...
        4...which was 'led' by the late Mal Dean...
        5...who was mainly a visual artist, with his album covers including one for improvisers Derek Bailey and Han Bennink...
        6...the illustration for which was also used for one of MM's 'End of Time' stories (in NWQ, as I recall).

        Hey, there were six after all!

        I live just outside London but can't pick up Resonance over the ether, but I occasionally listen to the online stream. I think they don't promote the existence of the online version enough - it's effectively receivable worldwide, of course.


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          aye, more power to the LMC!

          So whats it like then? the programme listings on the site don't really give you any clues....

          when they had their short-term license a while back, they featured the sound of boiling water and experimental audio artist and weirdo Gregory Whitehead, have you heard anything of that nature?
          \"It got worse. He needed something to cure himself. What? he asked. M-A 19 he answered.\"


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            I confess I've rather been there and done that as regards the experimental sound-art thing, so tend to feel more paternalistic about that aspect of the station than anything else. At various times I've heard some highly convoluted accordian music, the usual tranche of improvised saxophone playing, electronic stuff - all the usual suspects, really. Do give the audio stream a whirl if you can. I think everyone, particularly the organisers, has been a bit surprised at the success of the station, which seems to be far wider than the LMC coterie. I don't know to what extent if at all this positive reaction has rubbed off onto this kind of music as a whole and the London live scene in particular.