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BBC World Service Short Story Competition

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  • BBC World Service Short Story Competition

    With all the talent out there - does anyone fancy taking a crack at this?
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    Re: BBC World Service Short Story Competition

    Originally posted by Mikey_C
    does anyone fancy taking a crack at this?
    Yeah :mrgreen:


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      Yeah too. Though the winner will probably be about an American lesbian with a Birmingham accent who reminisces about an old teapot in Prague. They like that sort of stuff, the Beeb.
      Come to think of it... :D


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        I wonder how it works - writing for the radio. There has to be special rules, right?
        I'll google for that when I have time :lol:


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          Do you get any money if you win? It doesn't say you do, but presumably the story is subject to normal rights and terms payments?

          If you hold your mouse over the picture on the Introduction section, the caption appears 'woman with pen looking creative' :lol:
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            You guys should seriously take a crack at it. If I recall, these things have pretty tight length restrictions -- usually no more than around 2,000 - 2,200 words. That's because of the constraint that it must be read on the radio.

            Good luck.



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              I don't believe there is any money involved, your "prize" would be to have your work read on world famous BBC Radio, nation speaking verse unto nation, etc. No cash, gas or grass to be gained. :(

              The word limit is between 1800 to 2100 apparently. All entries must be original, unpublished/undistributed (not sure if that includes being pinned to trees Perdix!) and written in dull old English.

              Of course, everyone's main priority should be to submit work to Prototype, because Master P guarantees fame, riches and glory. All the BBC have to offer is kudos and gravitas. Pah!
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