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Fanart: Corum (Finally done!)

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  • Fanart: Corum (Finally done!)

    Here's the Corum fanart that I finished.

    Type: Watercolor and acryillic on bristolbord
    Size: 9x12

    The scaner had butchered the colors somewhat so I had to touch it up in photoshop.

    The orginal looks much better in person. I'll rescan the original if any one waht to see it.(Be warned though.)

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    Nice textures, Mr Elysion.


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      *claps madly*

      Very well done! As Perdix said, excellent job with the texturing. Bravo!
      "Wounds are all I'm made of. Did I hear you say that this is victory?"
      --Michael Moorcock, Veteran of the Psychic Wars


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        Please put together a "virtual gallery" of your paintings so we can reference the URL.



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          Nice! :D
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            Originally posted by Perdix
            Nice textures, Mr Elysion.
            Thank you.....uhm, I'm a "Miss" :oops:

            Originally posted by PsychicWarVeteran
            *claps madly*

            Very well done! As Perdix said, excellent job with the texturing. Bravo!
            Thank you.
            Bleh.....took a long time to paint his hand and mail. I just realized that His hand is kinda wrong, it's more 'dragonic" then what was discribed in MM's books.
            Meh, Perhaps I'll do another, if nothing more then to improve my....*Trails off in mumbling rant.*

            Originally posted by devilchicken
            Nice! :D
            Thank you very much!
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              Very nice! Again, I really like the anime thing.