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Prototype X Submission Guidelines

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  • A_Non_Ymous
    • Jul 2004
    • 2659

    Prototype X Submission Guidelines

    Here's a broken out version of Perdix's announcement for Prototype X, plus some responses to issues that arose during follow ups.

    Perdix is soliciting material for a small print-run magazine he is bringing out. The first issue is called Prototype X. He is looking for literary submissions in the following categories:

    - fiction (experimental or traditional) (length limit 6000 words)
    - flash fiction (up to 1500 words or so),
    - verse (traditional or experimental), and potentially
    - essays.

    For this magazine, Perdix is employing the talents of 2 illustrators, our very own DeeCrowSeer and PsychicWarVeteran. However, Perdix says that if you wish to submit art, he is open to submissions of interesting original art work.

    The length limit for prose may be negotiable, especially if you have a long work that can be broken up into installments.

    I don't know about a line-limit for verses, but if you've got something fairly long to contribute, you may need to negotiate. (I've found that he's easy on such matters.)

    Prose and verse submissions should be in one of the following formats for ease of editing and page layout:

    - Microsoft Word
    - Plain text ( .txt)
    - HTML
    - .rtf
    - Hard Copy (mailed to Perdix) I think of this as a last resort.

    Graphic work should be in .jpeg format. If you use a very restricted palette, perhaps .gif files will work, too. As for .eps format, you should consult with Perdix.

    Submission deadline for Prototype X - 1 is 30 April 2005.

    Send submissions to Perdix at [email protected] as attachments. You might want to use a subject line like: "Submission: Prototype X" to get his attention. Submissions via postal snail mail should go to the mailing address Perdix shall append to this thread. I gather it'll be a P.O. Box.

    There is also a web site at .

    Submission language is primarily English, but work in other European languages (French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portugese, Swedish, Danish, etc) will also be considered.

  • xidrep
    Champion of the Balance
    • Nov 2004
    • 1783

    Ta, LSN.
    Re: Postal Address, I'll post up the Prototype PO Box No. when it finally arrives from the dastardly Post Office laggards... :D


    • echolocator
      Wanderer of the Mittel March
      • Jun 2006
      • 23

      The deadline was April of 2005? But according to the (recently-resurrected, and perhaps not yet revised) website, the first issue hasn't been released...

      Maybe there should be some status updates here. I'd like to submit materials.


      • Etive
        Citizen of Tanelorn
        • Feb 2004
        • 222

        Originally posted by echolocator
        The deadline was April of 2005? But according to the (recently-resurrected, and perhaps not yet revised) website, the first issue hasn't been released...

        Maybe there should be some status updates here. I'd like to submit materials.
        The first issue has been released but distribution was limited. It will eventually be re-released on; the PX website will direct you to it when this happens.


        • Grey Mouser
          Champion of the Balance
          • Dec 2003
          • 1433

          I'm just cross posting Perdix PX update from the PX forum for The Enclave:

          Originally posted by Perdix
          Heyhey! Here I am!

          Sorry for my absence - to summarise my excuses, I just bought a practice, had a big research effort on, and, most sadly, of course, my poor little cat Meggie (11 months) got killed by a car. So I lost a bit of momentum on the PX project, briefly....

          However, PX2 really is at near-completion, and will be on Lulu soon (Ken, I'll ship you a few copies if you have to order 20 minimum - don't know why that is, 'cos I can order singles if necessary - is it your dealer status?). Huge thanks and regards to all who bought TCC - you are very kind. The cover sells it, of course!


          PX1 WILL be available on Lulu AFTER PX2 (repaginating is a 'mare).

          The Crash compilation will undoubtedly appear at some point, when Dee puts it together to his spec, and uploads the suitable files, etc. Other compilations/ PX spin-offs are in-process...

          The PX event was cancelled due to certain key folk being unavailable, and it coinciding with the Molesey Veterinary Centre Animal Day (don't ask, it may be illegal ). It will be rescheduled at a suitable juncture.

          Nice to hear from everyone!


          • lemec
            Eternal Champion
            • Jul 2005
            • 5317

            could you please tell me again, if I use the Plain Text, does it go in the body of the e-mail or does it go in an attachment?

            Thanks very much,


            Edit: oh, sorry, I see it is attachments.

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            - Michael Moorcock