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Etive, Athenys, Poetgrrl, MissDreamy...

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  • Etive, Athenys, Poetgrrl, MissDreamy...

    Like, where are you?

    Wanna write (or draw) for my mag?

    Chocolate oranges and instant World-fame guaranteed! :D

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    Etive has an e-mail address listed. I suggest the direct approach: send her e-mail.

    I don't think the others display their e-mail, so we're dependent on luck and happenchance in their case.



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      Ooh, I know: I've got Etive's e-mail, but she is a Lady, and 'twould be improper of me to burst in upon her in her privacy with my vigorous and manly literary demands! No, the very thought!

      And I'm using peer-pressure! :twisted: >giggle!< :lol:


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        Vigorous and manly? :?

        Perhaps you could get our gallant, gentlemanly DeeCrowSeer to act as a polite go-between to communicate your literary billet doux?



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          Here I am! *waving frantically* Chocolate oranges sounds WONderful... but are you sure you want my stuff? 8)

          What kinds of writing do you need? Poetry and prose on tap. *waits*


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            Originally posted by Poetgrrl
            Here I am! *waving frantically* Chocolate oranges sounds WONderful... but are you sure you want my stuff? 8)

            What kinds of stuff do you need? Poetry and prose on tap. *waits*
            The answer to the question is, "Yes, both."

            Go look in the Prototype 1 - the mag announcement in "Enclave at the End of Time." It spells out the parameters.



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              aha! okay. *runs off to have a look*

              seems i'd been looking for readers submissions in the wrong spot!!


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                Well met, fair Poetgrrl! The orange crate awaits! :D


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                  Hey, Perdix! Where are my bleedin' oranges? *

                  Just because I grow this variety of flora in my back yard is no reason to deprive me of the fruits of our work!


                  * Blood oranges, of course! Not referring to the novel by John Hawkes.


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                    Hi Perdix...I'm off and on these days, rather busy. But there is some stuff that I should (at LSN's suggestion) like to present to you.
                    I'ts coming to crunch time for delivery of a book chapter (work-related, hence academic, hence not fun), and thereby won't be looking in here often over the next few days. But the stuff I'm referring to are ancient myths and adventruous stories deriving from some small islands in the South West this interesting at all? acceptable? let's talk. Perhaps email, or just here, but again, I'll only be off and on for the next few days (also have some nice pictures of some really crazy Melanesian artefacts...), so perhaps not too constant in replies.


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                      I've sent e-mail to Athenys apprising her of your request for a submission to Prototype 1. We can (at least) be reasonably certain that she'll see it now.

                      Whether she submits any work is another matter.

                      LSN (not in the least shy about e-mail)


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                        Thanx, LSN! I'll e-mail you your choccy citric fruit...hehe, I can't grow oranges here at the Molesey Institute of Neurology and Gastroenterology of Elasmobranchs, owing to the snow, frost and squirrels. Can do pears. But anyway...

                        Sa-lul, your material sounds crackingly good! Mythical South Pacific adventure tales? Bring it on! I'll drop you a mail, too!



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                          I think you guys aren't getting Etive, because her email address changed. She sent that new out a while back. She prolly hasn't updated her email address in her profile.
                          The cat spread its wings and flew high into the air, hovering to keep pace with them as they moved cautiously toward the city. Then, as they climbed over the rubble of what had once been a gateway and began to make their way through piles of weed-grown masonry, the cat flew to the squat building with the yellow dome upon its roof. It flew twice around the dome and then came back to settle on Jhary's shoulder. - The King of the Swords


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                            Thanks, Berry. I'll search through her postings to look for her new e-mail address. You're correct: it's very easy to overlook the need to change this if one's e-mail address changes.



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                              Hi Perdix! (and everyone else...)

                              I have been off for awhile, 'tis true. Unfortunately I have had some sad news to deal with, as my mother passed away at the end of February after being ill with cancer. Thankfully for her, her suffering is at an end. I was looking after her until her death, so its been an emotionally turbulent period to say the least!!

                              But I'm back and will be posting with gusto as soon as back in front of my work computer when I ought to be working, tee hee. I'm on my boyfriend's cranky old PC laptop at the mo, where the keyboard is a mile away from my fingertips so I jepe writijng likend this.

                              Perdix - I would like to either draw or write for your mag, it would be an honour! :oops: What sort of thing? I will promise to get a scanner when I get paid next month, I would like to share my artwork with the community. I've done one Elric picture, I'm not sure that I like it anymore, however, in that paranoid-artistic-"I haven't looked at my portfolio for months thing and now it all looks flawed"!! Argh.

                              I do like chocolate orange(s), I am particularly curious about those chocolate orange digestive biscuits that have just been released in England. At 3.8 grams of fat per biscuit they've gotta be a good thing

                              You can PM me if you like, Perdix. I can't put my e-mail address up here, cos it's my work one, but soon my Mac and I will be on-line so I can stop darting anxious looks over my shoulder to see if my colleagues are noticing that I'm writing essay-like posts (like this one) on websites I'm not meant to be visting at the time. Who am I kidding? Of course they know :D

                              Best wishes to all, and hope to hear from you soon Perdix!

                              MD xx