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"original" music, anyone?

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  • "original" music, anyone?

    Many of us play musical instruments to varying degrees of competence. If you play, and are a restless sort like me, you eventually start fooling around. Small compositions arise.

    Sometimes I play these with others. Sometimes, I record parts and play over them to build up the work in layers.

    Reducing very complex works to a score takes time and special software. However, if you are describing a work centered on guitar, you can always resort to chord notation (e.g., Dm11 or F/G or C6/9) or TAB. A combination of the two works okay a lot of the time. (Getting rhythm and time signatures into TAB is tricky, at best.)

    Is anyone interested in posting things of this sort that they've worked up? Or is this a completely lame idea?

    You could also post a URL to (say) a PDF file of your scores, or a URL to sound files. I'm casting around for reactions.


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    I have some MP3s I have made. I am not nearly of the technical variety of musician like some others hear, and my stuff is rough. I could link you, but I don't really want to do it here since I don't want to abuse my host's bandwidth. If you email me I can send you the links.
    Yuki says, "Krimson used to be known as Kommando, but he rarely uses that name anymore. Sometimes he appears as Krimson Gray as well. Do not be confused, he still loves cats and bagels."


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      here is a link to some of my instrumentals - WARNING some of these are a bit large.

      The shorter ones are:

      Between Dark Trees
      In Shallow Draught
      Pure Water
      Zero Moment[/url]
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        Obviously I would be interested in this, I could tab/transcribe some of my music. I have some of my band's music online at but you have to register to the site to be able to download it. We are at the moment going through a change of hosting but all should be sorted soon!


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          I'm a very tardy faux-musician: at the age of 37 I'm trying to learn Bass and work out all this music stuff! I am, however, extremely interested in the 'experimental' and (if you like) 'home produced' layered recordings, particularly with respect to the inclusion of 'found sounds' and 'natural' recordings: I have always been attracted by the CAN, Czukay, Cabaret Voltaire, Dif Juz, ACR approach of off-centre composition and recording. One particular field of interest is the odd effect of underwater sound recording. The 'undirectional' nature of such sounds is very peculiar.

          Don't take too much notice of me: I really am a musical idiot.


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            I'm on SoundClick.
            There's my contribution to the MMAAS project, a track called Indi-An and other unfinished bits.


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              Groakes & DiGiMac: Interesting stuff. Thanks for the pointers.

              HawkLord: I don't want to register for the site to download, so if you change sites or download policies, let me know.

              Perdix: a bassist, no less. Keep working on it. The bass is a difficult instrument to play at a high level of expertise, but it's essential for certain types of music. What brand of bass do you use?

              Like most mathematical types, the platonic ideal of LSN is a musician. Ah, how far from the ideal world, one can guess from my playing. I'm competent on a fairly decent # of musical instruments, but not sufficiently for public performance on any of them. (Sounds like my forays into prose and verse.)

              The instruments I primarily play these days are electric and acoustic guitars and keyboard. (I've got a digital keyboard that doubles as a harpsichord.) I played in school orchestras during my errant youth, where I was trained on the oboe and clarinet. I don't play them very often anymore, and the only woodwinds I play habitually are recorders (soprano, alto, tenor, and baritone).

              When I play "from music," it's mostly baroque (Telemann, Bach, Scarlatti, Couperin), Romantic (Chopin, Schumann), Impressionist (Debussy, Ravel) and modern "nationalists" (Scriabin, Moussorgsky, Bartok, and a bit of Rachmaninoff).

              However, when I play for amusement, I often end up on the guitar, and the genre there tends to be blues, jazz and fusion. I know, how 1970s.

              Blues is very easy, because you build everything around a small # of changes, and the structure is sort of fixed. (16 bar blues, 32 bar blues, stuff like that.)

              I've got some basic blues riffs that we play (friends and I) when we are fooling around. Some of them provide amusing springboards for jazz or blues improvisation. I could post a few, if anyone is interested. I could attempt to transcribe some possible solos, but it's kind of funny, because I rarely play such things the same way twice. I realise that this style of playing is passأ© these days, so the interest is probably low.

              A lack of interest wouldn't deter me from posting. I could create a "musical fossils" thread for posting such things, for example. :lol:



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                Originally posted by L_Stearns_Newburg
                HawkLord: I don't want to register for the site to download, so if you change sites or download policies, let me know.
                The site is going through a change in hosting right now and I think I'll scrap the having to register to get the downloads when I've finished the new site. With luck it should be up in the next week.


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                  I have almost completed my first composition of a piece that falls into the "noise" genre. It is called "Casio flammeus". If anyone wants to hear it, let me know I'll upload it to a secret location.


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                    Please give us a URL to the piece, if you'd like us to listen to it. Thanks.



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                      I composed quite a nice piece in MIDI you can get it from and the tablature for it(although it is not on guitar) can be found at


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                        Groakes, I have just been listening to your stuff, I like your concept of creating an audio envrironment, I think your pieces do that well.

                        Hawklord, Your midi piece is very atmospheric and of course, I have been a Danny Cockroach fan since you sent us "Out of the Ashes" for the MMAAS project ;)

                        Perdix, A musical idiot? me too, but not being a "musician" never stopped Captain Beefheart.

                        DiGiMac, Your stuff was another great MMAAS discovery.

                        Many more fantastic musicians can be found through the links on

                        LSN, Re: A URL, I don't have a website anymore and like Kommando would consider it inpolite to abuse someone elses bandwidth. Perhaps I'll go on Soundclick when I have enough pieces.

                        Do you have any recordings or do you only do live impro?


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                          Originally posted by Etive
                          Perdix, A musical idiot? me too, but not being a "musician" never stopped Captain Beefheart.
                          You're a Captain Beefheart fan? My friend thinks hes great! I've heard a few of his songs and i think hes pretty good.


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                            I don't know who made my bass, come to think of it: it's not ultra-cheapy, but not anything spesh (like me!)'s got active circuitry, so I have to keep bunging in new batteries so that I can buzz on the frets :lol: . I can only play about three basslines, mainly undoubtedly wrong transcripts of ACR and The The basslines. I also play the didgeridoo. A bit. And the vacuum cleaner pipe - as a didg. It's really good on dull days at the practice/ lab/ office/ shed. No, it is.
                            I spent all morning singing 'Mac the Knife' while doing a splenectomy on a German Shepherd. It was pretty good. Singing wasn't bad, either :lol:


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                              Etive - you should have the links. I've been having email troubles so let me know if you got them ok.
                              Yuki says, "Krimson used to be known as Kommando, but he rarely uses that name anymore. Sometimes he appears as Krimson Gray as well. Do not be confused, he still loves cats and bagels."