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PROTOTYPE 1 - the mag

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  • PROTOTYPE 1 - the mag

    Hi everyone!

    Any writers/ poets/ experimentalists out there?

    Would you like to contribute to 'Prototype', a new magazine that some of us MWM types have been incubating? It's a synthesis of new fiction, flash fiction, poetry, freeform scribbling, artwork - where the tangled skeins of imagination crash like the waves of the ocean of the inner self onto the shimmering strand of Hewlett-Packard beach; where your innermost desires can mount the ornithopter of realisation, and your secretestest dreams take wing!

    It's jammier than a Swiss Roll, more digestible than a Brandy Snap. As barrier-breaking as TSR2, less whiffy than a ferret.

    Yes! It's just the thing for you!

    Just look at these luminaries that have already contributed to Issue 1!:

    DeeCrowSeer! <Raaah!>

    L. Stearns Newburg! <Raaah!>

    Psychic War Veteran!<Raaah!> aaaand...

    Me! <Boooh!>

    And we're EXPECTING material from:

    Etive! Doc! L'Etranger! Grey Mouser! And others!

    So don't just sit there! No, do just sit there, but type while you're doing it! We would like to see submissions from anyone - the criteria are simple:

    Fiction or poetry of any form, as experimental or as conventional as you like: I won't insult the readership of this forum with specificity of genre. You can send us anything you fancy. Length: a few lines, a single line if you like, up to 6,000 words, or any artwork that is printable (A4 is final format). Format for text: Word document (or Works or Wordpad) as an attachment to my e-mail, or hard copy or files on disc (including Mac) to mail address - e-mail me on [email protected] to obtain this.

    Dont be shy! This is a completely 'voluntary' and independent non-profit venture, and we're all neophytes! So we really would like to see your stuff! And yes, you get a free copy, but no, there isn't any money it. well, not yet. Contributors retain copyright on their pieces.

    Deadline: April 30th 2005 (Issue 1). That's enough time to write a novel at 1,000 words a day, so let's see what you can do!

    Mail me for further info/ questions. Thanks! :D

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    Format for text: Word document (or Works or Wordpad)
    OK, pedants' corner...

    Do you mean any .doc, .rtf, or .txt file? (Not all of us are unlucky enough to have MS Word, etc.)

    What's your Unicode support like? i.e., can we go mad with non-Latin characters?

    Which graphics formats can you accept? .jpg, .gif, .png, ... ?



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      I think his preferred text media include MSWord and plain old ISO 8859-1 text. My suspicion is that you could use HTML to format your work, because MSWord can import that format and edit it. Being reduced to plain text is a bit of a handicap for some situations.

      Duncan and perhaps PWV can probably speak to the issue of graphical formats.



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        Yes please!


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          okay, im a lil confused, sending as an attachment to the email address is fine?


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            Perdix doesn't really need me to stand-in for him, but in the interest of taking some of the load off, I'll answer questions when I know the answer.

            Yes, sending a submission as an attachment to Perdix's e-mail address is the preferred method. Use Perdix's e-mail button on his posting above for the submission.

            The attachment may be MSWord format or plain text.



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              haha! im dropping all my homework for this!

              lol, no not really.. now to brainstorming..


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                I'm torn between making a weak attempt at humour in a short story called The Devil's Basement, about, well, Satan's basement, because I like the title. OR a stream of conciousness piece based on my train-bus commute. Which piece would seem the most interesting?
                The cat spread its wings and flew high into the air, hovering to keep pace with them as they moved cautiously toward the city. Then, as they climbed over the rubble of what had once been a gateway and began to make their way through piles of weed-grown masonry, the cat flew to the squat building with the yellow dome upon its roof. It flew twice around the dome and then came back to settle on Jhary's shoulder. - The King of the Swords


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                  When in doubt, write both. :lol:

                  Or combine: a humorous stream of consciousness story about a train-bus commute to Satan's basement, perhaps?

                  Really, Perdix needs material!



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                    Originally posted by Berry Sizemore
                    I'm torn between making a weak attempt at humour in a short story called The Devil's Basement, about, well, Satan's basement, because I like the title. OR a stream of conciousness piece based on my train-bus commute. Which piece would seem the most interesting?
                    Since the idea of a Devil's basement makes me giggle a little, that would be something that I would find fun, especially if you can find any story that even comes close to matching the title.

                    On the other hand, I've always found anything stream-of-consciousness fascinating.

                    I'm with LSN--go with both.


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                      By the way, Doc, I hope you're nearing completion on your proposed submission.



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                        Aha! Thanks for fielding those Q's while I was in the downtime phase of the time-stream of Old Albion (ie, asleep), LSN!

                        Sorry, Ant (and everyone else) - I meant to list the file types in the first post!

                        Yes: I can process .doc, .rtf and .txt files: everything will be re-typed into the final format so don't forget you can send me hard copy, too (in fact, you can send me dictated material on disc or cassette [do they still exist?] or as a downloadable sound file if you want spontaneity at a more literal level...). Unicode is fine. Basically, I should be able to handle most formats, but I'm oscillating betwen MS and Mac stations with the former doing the e-mail handling, so MS-supported stuff is easier: I will contact contributors if there are any hiccups!

                        Also, don't worry about double-spacing and margin size. So long as it's legible, we'll cope.

                        Graphics: Preferably .jpg or .gif.

                        The Devil's Basement sounds great. I think I've been there - it's under a veterinary practice in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester. Nice name for a club, too! (Think Avengers).

                        And don't hesitate to send multiple submissions! I'm already thinking on Prototype 2, so more than one piece is very welcome! (Perdix goes cross-eyed whilst deciding what to do with last sentence...).

                        Hope you have fun! Looking forward to your submissions! :D


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                          Not a problem, Perdix.

                          In terms of formats, I wanted people to consider HTML if they don't have access to MSWord format-producing programs, yet have special text formatting needs. HTML might well be the lowest common denominator these days when it comes to a formatting language / format.

                          Microsoft Word can import HTML documents and print the result. I think you can also import the file as HTML, then save it as Word format, but I haven't tried this lately. I mostly work on UNIX systems, so my familiarity with the limitations of Evil Microsoft products is somewhat limited, albeit not non-existent.

                          I thought about using HTML for my contribution, but it wasn't really necessary, so text seemed simpler.

                          Concerning graphics, Duncan has some of his illustrations up on his web site under his "original work" category.



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                            Ooh, yes!
                            HTML is good, too.
                            I like UNIX - A couple of the old veterinary 'consulting computer systems' were UNIX-based. Straightforward once you get your head into 'UNIX-mode', and less likely to fall apart at critical moments than the Windows-based stuff we use now. Still see a fair bit of UNIX at the University (St George's, Tooting - not Miskatonic, Boston, sadly).


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                              I'm one of the designers / implementers of this UNIX variant, so I feel comfortable with it. It's also less vulnerable to hack-attacks than Microsoft's dubious collection of software detritus. And if something goes wrong, I can take the hood off and fix it. Nice not to need to talk to a field service idiot.:-] It runs well on my home network cluster. So why do I need a Microsoft software plague bearer?

                              If I run Staroffice, I suppose I could produce Word documents under this UNIX -- I think Staroffice will do that. I don't really care. Plain text and HTML work well enough for my simple purposes.

                              I'm not entirely sure what's available under Linux these days, but I'm not entirely happy with the design and implementation of the product. Looking at the source code was an unpleasantly surreal experience...