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  • Dylerpillar's Thread

    I'm all for keeping my project announcements to this thread, if it's advisable. Like when a new issue of the zine comes out (the next one will feature an interview and a music review by yours truly), or if I get good news on the publishing front, or discussing novel projects. Maybe also pic links, because while I like the Photography subforum, I do go to a lot of shows of similar bands, and I don't know if the results always deserve their own new thread. And I feel like that all falls under a member's work. Is this an acceptable idea?
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    Of course it is! Will be interesting to compare and contrast what you come up with for various different bit and bobs.


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      Random Order, Amy's Arms

      This is a pic post, with three pics and some description/writing under each.

      The show will probably get a more formal write-up for a site. In the meantime, there are 104 pics in the set.
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        Glenn Love, Assemblage 23

        This show occurred on February 1, after which time I booked it over to the Batcave North Party at Nocturne (no pics of that).
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          Compared to most live photos I've seen, you seem to have caught a much "whiter" (likely more real) look in the above: am I talking rubbish and/or was that intentional and/or an effect of a more drama-focused stage & lighting rig and/or doing less post-production than most and/or <insert lots of other ideas here!>?


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            I don't tend to work with a flash of any kind, nor do I bring lighting. In smaller clubs, usually dim but colourful lighting is the norm, and I would just bring a fixed lens with low-light capabilities and accept that many pics will be all red, all green, all purple, whatever the stage gives me to work with. I may do more colour correcting for those, but not usually in a manual fashion as I'm not very good with that--sometimes lowering colour temperature, but if autocorrect makes it look worse then I leave the pics alone.

            With the above venues, The Mod Club and The Opera House respectively, they have big stages with lots of lighting and different colours, including white spotlights. I have the benefit of being able to bring an f4 72mm telephoto, something that can actually zoom in and out, because most of the time I'll get adequate lighting for each shot (sometimes too much, because I aim for the middle ground or what I'm most commonly getting, using manual aperture and shutter speed settings). As for post-production, in better-lit shows I will often just leave colour alone and focus more on brightness sharpness and grain.
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              Noveling Status

              Two projects of note. The first is one with more of a history, the failed first draft occurred in 2006, the 50,000 word rewrite happened in 2008, and many iterations later, a publisher has informed me that I got past the first round of elimination. I've been in the "playoffs" ever since, but for more than a month. I did send a query email two weeks ago to show that I was still interested and had not lost patience. Past experience shows this publisher, a small press, to be responsive--whenever there's something to be said. The "playoffs" entail being read a second time, along with however many others made it, prior to a decision.

              The second was written in November 2013. It was a fun first draft, and a pool of 8 beta readers is (at each individual's different stage) in the process of scanning it. Much of the feedback won't be detailed, but I learn a fair deal from who reads it the fastest, and a couple of readers are PhD-Eng people who will have sometimes painful but always useful and necessary feedback.

              All other projects are either sequels, or prequel material, to that first novel, so I feel like I should know what form it will be in when published. That way I can feel some certainty in editing the next manuscript and the one after that for the sake of continuity.
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                Recent uploads

                IMG-20131223-00209 by Dylerpillar, on Flickr

                This was taken a while back but not uploaded until recently. During the late December ice storm, lots of vegetation in my neighbourhood was coated with ice like this, creating a neat effect. Too bad the tree trimming budget was cut earlier in the year, so that trees facing the same effect would split, blocking roads, and taking out power lines and some parked automobiles. I only faced 3 or 4 cold dark nights, other people had it worse.

                IMG_4108 by Dylerpillar, on Flickr

                This one was taken for an eBay auction. Unlike the other 5, that's one I didn't ultimately use for the purpose. "Downgrading" to a different guitar model is part of the plan, so's getting a second chinchilla, and paying off some debts.
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                  IMG_4112 by Dylerpillar, on Flickr

                  Taking care of this little guy is like an ongoing project. I referred to him in my previous post re: acquiring him a friend. And I've heard all sorts of things, "chinchilla? That's some sort of lizard?" and a visual doesn't hurt.
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                    Write-up for Random Order album release party

                    As promised, I completed a write-up of the "Black Lipstick Kiss" release party and it is now posted. Pics have already been featured in this thread.

                    Now to get cracking on the A23/Glenn Love write-up.
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                      The A23/Glenn Love writeup is in the pipe, though these things are timed by a different editor, so I have no idea when it goes live. You've already seen the photos in this thread, or in my collection.

                      The guitar sold for $1705. To put things into perspective, I had initially hoped for $2000, and my best offer on Craigslist was $850. This is over twice as much as that low offer, while being close enough to my probably unrealistic hopes, that I can feel satisfied with the outcome.

                      Plans have been made to adopt the second chinchilla; the cage has been ordered, it has to arrive or I have to have some idea when it will arrive in order to make plans.

                      Everyone in this apartment has the same raging cold. Although if it goes much longer at this clip, I'll start to guess "bacterial sinus infection" and head for a doc.
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                        Oh, looks like the A23/GL writeup is posted! It was great to see both of them get excellent attendance in the midst of a blizzard; Torontonians are sometimes known elsewhere in Canada to complain more about what should be expected winter weather, but clearly we put our boots and coats on and head out to what's important.
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                          Guitar sale

                          I was paid over PayPal a couple of days ago.

                          Today was the day I carried out the other half of the transaction. The guy called me around 11AM asking questions, which seemed strange to be asking after he already paid, but I answered them politely.

                          We were to meet at the Starbucks near Kipling and Dundas Street West. I rode the TTC to get there, and for a moment had the guitar case on my seat, upright, basically hugging it. The guy sitting across from me probably thought “he’s not normal”, and he’s not wrong. I eventually felt okay resting the bottom of the case on the floor but keeping it upright to take up less space.

                          The buyer arrived ten minutes after I did, and his questions were answered. “You took beautiful care of it,” he said.

                          "My son was born in the year this was manufactured," he added.

                          "Is it for him?" I asked.

                          "Well, he’s 14. I’m going to play it first, but eventually give it to him because it’s from the same year he is. Something special. It’s going to get played, and we’ll take great care of it. It’s been great doing business with you."

                          We shook hands, and he walked away, carrying a heavy symbol of some of the better times of my screwed up teenage years.

                          It’s going to get played.
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                            Aftermath: Payment amount is in my PayPal but I can't access it due to my "new seller status", this is deal #48 all time for me so it must be because there tends to be a lot of time in between my sales/purchases. The buyer gave me an excellent rating and said "guitar in mint condition, better than described". It had a small nick on the head near the tuners, and my guitar teacher taught me to be picky about that, so I must have projected that expectation on to buyers when I described it as "used, excellent condition" instead. I hope that given the completely ecstatic happiness of the buyer, "buyer may report an issue with the sale" will soon go away as a reason I "have" the money but am locked from doing anything with it.
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                              &quot;Chapter 5 is excellent&quot;

                              My chapters seem to be more about breaking the book into chunks, and hinting at a decent place where you can pause or leave a bookmark if you choose, less about any personal or editorial frame of reference.

                              I unexpectedly encountered a beta reader at a pizza shop on the way home from a noise event. By impulse he named the chapter where he left off, and I could only smile and nod; he's reading the first book I ever wrote, so I definitely don't remember what's in each chapter of that. He then went on to explain the last happening that he read, and I immediately determined where exactly he was in the narrative; I could infer most of what he had read, and most of what he had not yet read.

                              I then got a brief piece of email feedback regarding what I wrote in November 2013. Most of it was point form. Some great points, even though we both know I have yet to make a single editorial pass at the text. For example, using the word "issue" to refer to a problem is not only a contemporary thing, but also the peeve of many a reader--jars them right out of the fiction. That's the sort of thing I would not consider in a first draft, even the readable type that I seem to make these days. And the extended parts about parenting may not be as good a point of focus as showing the experience of being the parent in the greater context of society--after all, I've shown how it feels to be the child and to feel isolated and different, but not as much how it feels to be a parent of that child. But returning to the point of this post, here's one of his points, verbatim:

                              -Chapter 5 is excellent

                              Wonderful! I'm so glad. What exactly is Chapter 5, again? I had to open up my copy and not only clue in from the start where it generally was in the narrative, but read it through to remember where I chose to end the chapter, to confirm all that he was referring to. Actually, Chapter 5 is one that worries me, even though a PhD Eng. just approved of it. The chapters that worry me most, it's not about their happenings, characters, visuals, or cosmetic stuff, but their ideas. I can tinker with a lot, but if an idea doesn't work then it probably has to be chucked, and all the happenings, characterization and visuals built on that idea are in jeopardy. So "Chapter 5 is excellent" makes me cautiously optimistic, but I'm waiting to hear back from other readers.
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