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  • A fugitive sonnet

    When we did the Petrarchan sonnets, I gave an example of one to a predefined set of
    end-rhymes that I'd done in a different context. In that example, I substituted the
    expression "cock or two" for the word "cockatoo" as a joke.

    Here's one of the sonnets I did to the words that didn't use that substitution. It's not
    a great sonnet, but as I've written before, I like the verse of scorn. Sometimes, scorn
    can be achieved by having the detested character speak and reveal himself. That's what
    I did here.

    As I said, it's not a winner, but I provide it for purposes of edification. Surely you
    people can do better than this! :lol:


    A Quakebuttock's Testament, آ© 2004 by LSN

    My truant mind's not wanting in decision:
    For worthy ends I acknowledge no taboo.
    Yet bright, green wings of a vain cockatoo
    Or showy crest detract from thought's precision.
    Loutish action's a thing I can envision:
    Its noisy fanfare, its inane ado,
    Ad lib plans, and solutions impromptu
    Breed sick disdain, and bouts of dull derision.

    Reckless endeavor is the outer shell
    Of evanescent acts, which discommode,
    Like childish tantrums, or vapid chatter.
    But silent work and thought is Mimir's Well:
    To furious deed it serves as antipode,
    An antidote to Chaos' unkempt splatter.


    • This thread has gotten out of hand, and in addition, it probably should be in the
      Writers Forum instead.

      I've created 2 new threads in the Writers forum: a thread for techical discussion, questions,
      comments, and general banter:

      - [link expired]

      And a thread for verse submissions:

      - [link expired]

      You can, of course, simply go to the Writers forum and find the threads by name.

      We should probably lock this thread in the near future. It has served a noble purpose,
      but it's coming to the end of its natural life. I'd like to get the
      MWM Verse Collections thread moved to the Writers Forum, too. Not
      sure about the procedure to do that.

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      • You guys don't know how beautiful the Isle of Wight looks at this time of year :oops:
        \" ape reft of his tail, and grown rusty at climbing, who yet feels himself to be a symbol and the frail representative of Omnipotence in a place that is not home.\" James Branch Cabell


        • Originally posted by Mikey_C
          You guys don't know how beautiful the Isle of Wight looks at this time of year :oops:
          Hey, is the visibility even good enough to see it from Portsmouth right now? :lol:

          We know you've been busy. I've got a placeholder in the ballade collection where your
          ballade will go when completed. No intention of rushing you, by the way. When you're
          done with your ballade, if you're up for doing an extended shared narrative line in
          Khayyأ،m quatrains, let us know. The Mouser and I have been plotting this activity,
          and we'd really like to have you involved.

          When you're ready, post it in the "MWM Verse Submissions" thread in the Writers
          forum, and I'll extract it for the MWM Verse Collection.

          I'd like to get the Verse Collection moved to the Writers forum. I assume we need
          Berry to do it. Mouser? Since you're a Chaos Engineer, can you arrange it? I'm
          not sure about the division of labor for you guys.