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Elric Art Work

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  • Elric Art Work

    Here is one of the many drawings I did on Elric... I use it as a background for windows. Feel free to use it if you like it...

    Ok, so the style is very SD/Manga but I thought it might be interesting to try drawing him in this form...

    hope you like it.

    Best Viewed in 1024*768, full screen explorer


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    Elric Pic

    Very cool. I'm mildly into Anime... big fan - but I know a lot of fanatics and I'm nothing compared to them. Your picture vaguely reminds me of Samurai Jack. Good stuff.



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      Thanks, I am actually making a new one but with a more traditional chinese style inking and pastel water colours, but its actually quite hard on photoshop, so I still have quite some work to do...

      I am also working on a comic book (manga actually), and this is the first pic I am putting online...

      she is the main character of the comic....



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        Hey that’s pretty cool…never seen Elric in manga style

        Thanks for sharing!!


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          Thx artemis, I don't know if you've ever seen the concept art (not Yoshitaka Amano) for Final Fantasy 6/3 that was made when the game came out at the time. This is one major inspiration for the face style (epurated, without a distinct face) and I wanted to use it to enhance the movements on the cape...



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            Hey man... very cool pics...

            I love FF too... And have you realised that your Elric looks a lot like Sephiroth... I guess that great characters always look alike, hehe


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              I haven’t come across the concept art for Final Fantasy 6/3 :? . Must admit that I am not into computer games at all…



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                Actually though, Yoshitaka Amano did a few Elric drawings/ paintings throughout his career, I have one up on my Elric site:



                ^_^ I love '' so much!


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                  Hello !

                  I like the structure of the drawing : Elric hides behind his cape and all we see from him is his sword and his albino head....

                  Very great, I will use it a while for my screensaver.
                  Thanks !


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                    Amano did a number of Eternal Champion pieces for the covers of Mike's book releases is Japan. Hopefully one day Mike will talk to Amano about a collection of all the work he has done.


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                      Elric (photoshop bodge)

                      I've bodged up a photoshop portrait of Elric based on a photo of Nigel Harmen (from Eastenders) at:


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                        What a great pic! I like drawing too, but I can't make CGs... just pencil. Maybe someday I'll be proud of my drawings and put them into the internet.
                        Sweet moons!