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  • Gotterdammerung

    I guess I'd put this up here, as I know you all have good taste, or else you wouldn't be here, Dee of course being the anomolous result. (Just kidding mate ). Lately I've been working on a submissions packet for a fantasy comic, and I'd like to get your opinions on it.

    The thing was, as you can probably see, inspired by Elric, but not being a plagarist, I ran with it, and made a lot of changes and little twists. The pale man is Arkona, the protaganist, who is what we politely call "living impared". After being murdered by his brother for the throne (as he was the crown prince), he is brought back to life and gets tangled up in the games gods play and the machinations of fate (even though he doesn't really believe in either, long story.) The guy in black and red is his brother and murderer, the little boy is the youngest prince, and the incredibly adorable girl in pink was his fiancee before his untimely death. As for the other characters, the man in blue is the sorceror who ressurected him and claims to know all about Arkona's fate, (although he's rathe runwilling to give up any details) and the two woman are goddesses.

    You can find the illustrations here - and a bunch of concept art like turnarounds etc. here - . I apologize about the topsite menu's, havent had time to put up a site yet.

    So, please opinions. Try not to be too harsh though, you know, this is only my dream since I was a little boy. :)

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    Well, as a man with no taste you can feel free to ignore my advice, but in my humble opinion I would suggest that you should stop being so good at shading. Your shading is far too good, and this could hold you back in the future. I didn't get where I am today by being good at things. So stop it. Now.

    "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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      I'll be sure to pass on your words of wisdom to the artist, who is, I agree, far too good a colourist for her own good. :)