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Possibly scrapped

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  • Starscream
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    • Feb 2004
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    Possibly scrapped

    Im really having some second thoughts about what Im writing and may end up scrapping a good deal of it. I made an edit concerning some minor grammer/punctuation mistakes (that I can NOT believe I missed) as well as some comments on the futhering on the fic, on the thread that has part of what Im working on now. Somethings not right in it and Im going through hades trying to pinpoint what it is..............

    And my PC is crashed again so it will be a bit before I can post anymore or edtis or whatever.

    Seekwhence, Im going to finish your story as soon as I get my PC back up fully (AGAIN) *sigh*

    Be back when I can
    Ultra Magnus to Sandstorm. \"I\'ve never seen anything this beautiful in the entire galaxy. . . Alright, give me the bomb.\"