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The Doctor Who News thread (Warning: May contain spoilers)

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  • The Doctor Who News thread (Warning: May contain spoilers)

    I used to watch Dr. Who a lot when i was a kid.However, Its no longer on here in the US. I was wondering if they've continued showing new eps and having new Doctors in England?

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    Doctor Who has been out of production for a while, but it will come back for at least 13 episodes. You can find out about the new series here: . It stars Christopher Eccleston as the Doctor.
    Yuki says, "Krimson used to be known as Kommando, but he rarely uses that name anymore. Sometimes he appears as Krimson Gray as well. Do not be confused, he still loves cats and bagels."


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      Rock on. Now if only there were a way for me to see it.


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        Covenant did a Techno version of the Dr. Who theme. Its pretty rockin.


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          Originally posted by Kommando
          Doctor Who has been out of production for a while
          I didn't know the beeb had the right to do things like that!


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            PBS shows Dr. Who here in Seattle, too, but not any new episodes, as far as I've seen. Just lots of Tom Baker and that white-haired guy before him.
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              John Pertwee and Tom Baker are my faves. Anyone remember The Green Death with deadly jumping maggots, or the spider planet of metabilis 3?


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                I'm waiting for the return of the Yetis (robot ones) from the '60's.

                Actually, I'm sure Chris Eccleston was running in the opposite direction to me in Richmond Park yesterday*. Looked damn' like him, anyway.

                *We passed each other - I wasn't chasing him or anything. :)


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                  Originally posted by TheAdlerian
                  Later I found out that he was dressed like Bob Dylan. So the doctor got reincarnated as a sixties folk singer.
                  By heck, you're right: Blonde on Blonde. Should have got Zimmo to play him![/quote]
                  \" ape reft of his tail, and grown rusty at climbing, who yet feels himself to be a symbol and the frail representative of Omnipotence in a place that is not home.\" James Branch Cabell


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                    I was scared of everything! The Music! The daleks!The white bit at the end! And I was especially frightened of Tom Baker. The man's a genius though :D

                    Particularly scary was the films. I was absolutely convinced at one stage that London would be invaded by daleks or cybermen, or daleks and cybermen!!!! 8O

                    Do I spot a fellow Richmonder, Perdix? I live near Kew, and celebrity spotting is quite common in Richmond don't you know, la dee dah- we've seen that Irish bloke from Cold Feet, Mackenzie Crook, Adam and Joe and I swear that I once saw Simon Pegg from Spaced, although I was merry at the time!! :oops:


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                      Oh, yes, MissDreamy, I am a regular habitue of Richmond and its environs. I live in East Molesey (that's the 'sought after' [like Bin Laden] bit near Hampton Court, pronounced Eezt Mowelsea as opposed to Wess Mowlsy, which is the crappy bit where I used to live before I got a bigger mortgage and my life effectively ended :D ). But I spend lots of time in Richmond Park running & cycling, and walking about photographing things, and occassionally 'playing' my didgeridoo until the deer tell me to stop. We also hang out in Richmond Cafes and Pizza Express, etc, and that nice cafe in Kew, by the station. In fact I'm writing this at a surgery in Chiswick High Road, so I spend most of my time in SW London.

                      It's nice, I like it. Very creative vibe, 'round this area. And lots of nice rose-ringed parakeets.

                      I'm not very 'celebrity aware', but I would like to meet Adam & Joe - their show was hilarious; my sort of freewheeling schoolboy-level semi-scatological humour with crappy puppet animation, too! Genius!

                      >Sings< 'We're The Jazz Queens, Boop - oop - be - doop, We're The Jazz Queens, Boop - oop -be - doop, We're The Jazz Queens, Boop - oop - be - doop; Ooh, shut up, you bitch! (not you, missdreamy a quote!) :D


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                        Blimey -Chiswick High Road eh? That's down the road (ish) from where I'm writing this in Acton, where I work. I am a staunch defender of Acton, as I'm in the minority when I say that I quite like the place. It's absolutely full to the brim with nutters, including the lady in the gold lame cloak and turban who spouts random passages from the bible to anyone who wants to listen and the man in an electric wheelchair who travels up the main road - but in the opposite direction from the cars.

                        Adam and Joe - loved em.

                        Darling....Darling - you drive - no you drive... (the two old Queens sketch - brilliant)

                        Anyway - Doctor Who! Worst Doctor - Sylvester McCoy?? :D


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                          I just wrote a long discursive piece on the relative merits of the various Doctors, from Hartnell to McCoy, with side-comments on Cushing and McGann, in the smug, polysyllabic style of a G2 columnist, and even some typically Perdixian epexegesis...and then I pressed a Smiley button and the lot disappeared!


                          I'm not doing it again...

                          Acton's alright.


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                            That's rough Perdix. This message board is in serious need of an overhaul. I noticed the php code buttons don't work right, and sometimes it takes forever for pages to load up. I won't even mention the php exploit (which hasn't affect this board) which prompted an upgrade.

                            I am rather fond of all the Doctors. With perhaps the exception of Colin Baker. When he was travelling with his companion "Mel", it was almost unwatchable.
                            Yuki says, "Krimson used to be known as Kommando, but he rarely uses that name anymore. Sometimes he appears as Krimson Gray as well. Do not be confused, he still loves cats and bagels."


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                              Oh! Baker (C) and Mel! Yaroo! Bonnie Langford used to park her sponsored motor outside the Rohan (clothing for temporal adventurers) shop at 10 Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, where I used to work. It had 'BONNIE' scrawled down the side. That and her appearance in DW above rather made me raise my eyebrows in an ironic way. However, she has since redeemed herself as a witty raconteur and humorist on LBC with Sandy Toksvig and Jenny Eclair. I also thought a lot of the Colin Baker stories were really unpleasant - not just sinister in the Hinchcliffe- Holmes tasty way with Tom Baker, but quite horrid. If not beastly. Yes. Horrid and beastly. That's it.