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The Time War | Erekose's crime

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  • The Time War | Erekose's crime

    Well, we've mentioned before the likelihood of the Doctor being an embodiment of the EC, helped in no small measure with the Coming of the Terraphiles and the Doctor's appearance in a Cure for Cancer.

    Well, there was me mulling on my recently twisted ankle, then allong came a sudden random thought: was the Doctor's unspecified action that ended the time war and (somewhat unsuccessfully) the Time Lords themselves, an 'unintended' Erekose-style 'crime'? Possibly a Bastable event too?

    If so, then might one then wonder again about the origins of the Doctor: was he perhaps 'brought back' by the Time Lords deliberately to be a warrior in a war they knew was going to happen, who then turned against them? (Doctor-ish puns are really too easy). Clearly that won't be the thought process at the Beeb, but it's quite fun to imagine it regardless. Lungbarrow-esque shadows in the EC theme?

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    In the Faction Paradox storyarc in Doctor Who...

    "Self-discipline and self-knowledge are the key. An individual becomes a unique universe, able to move at will through all the scales of the multiverse - potentially able to control the immediate reality of every scale, every encountered environment."
    --Contessa Rose von Bek, Blood part 4, chapter 12