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"Second Ether" advert - Colour Like No Other

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  • "Second Ether" advert - Colour Like No Other

    Some of you in the UK may have seen this advert. It made me think of the Biloxi Fault and explosions of colour into our corner of the multiverse. Didn't spot any jugaderos in the advert, although I'm pretty sure that the Fireclown makes a brief appearance...
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    I do like that ad, but to be honest it totally reminds me of 'A Clockwork Orange.' Not just the music; the tower block reminds me of the one where Alex lives.

    I rather like this one for the same product, too.
    I'm sure I've seen a parody of that one involving fruit and veg!
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      I see your point.

      But it is a very shoddy attempt if it is.

      Probably more Clockwork Orange.