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Mr Cutler

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  • Pietro_Mercurios
    I really enjoyed this programme. It may be hard to understand just how subversive Ivor Cutler actually was, unless you were brought up Scottish.

    Anybody who has read the archetypal Scottish comic strips, 'Oor Wullie', or 'The Broons', as drawn by Dudley Watkins, will hear echoes of "Crivvens!" and visualize sparely sketched kitchen ranges, paisley anti-macassars and dusty aspidistras in highly polished embossed brass containers, in Cutler's 'Scenes from a Scotch Sitting Room (Part IV)', the wheezing pedal harmonium droning quietly, but incessantly, away into eternity.

    I wouldn't think to suggest smoking anything before listening to any Ivor Cutler. But, you might. Gasp then, in amazement, as the walls of reality fall away, in a multidimensional, polychromatic manner suggestive of the most psychedelic 60's music. Yet, the quiet voice and the wheezing harmonium sketch out the necessary details with only the very sparsest most parsimonious, Calvinistic and presbyterian, yet suggestive lines.

    Thistles, trees and eggmeat.

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  • greengryphon
    started a topic Mr Cutler

    Mr Cutler

    Re-airing of Ivor Cutler prog BBC2 on Now.

    Ivor Cutler poem, No I Won't

    "I'll leave you with this thought.
    No, I won't. It would not be fair".
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