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Supernova - A sitcom

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  • Supernova - A sitcom

    I'm very excited! The second series of Supernova will be starting on Thursday 3rd August (um... tomorrow, I guess), and there will be a DVD of the first series out soon. Not only are the cast very funny, they're also admirably adept at reeling off scientific spiel as if they've been doing it all their lives. The location shots are gorgeous, and the SFX are very impressive too... or they were last series, anwyay. Hopefully they've got the same budget this time around. I'm also a sucker for Australian accents, so this show is perfect for me! Hope some of y'all will check it out too.

    Here's the BBC hype:

    Rob Brydon returns as Dr Paul Hamilton for a second series of the out of this world comedy Supernova. Paul and his eccentrically brilliant colleagues from the Royal Australian Observatory are back for six episodes all about life, love and the universe.

    This new series sees Paul nearly start World War Three, hunt for a killer kangaroo, get seduced by an 18-year-old girl, become a champion camel jockey and enrage the ancient Aboriginal spirits by pilfering their sacred relics.

    Supernova is television comedy on a grand scale. The series is set in the stunning Australian Outback and rockets viewers through far-flung black holes, cosmic stardust and rips in the fabric of time and space. The characters brave heat, flies, wildlife, crazy locals and each other to unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.

    Rob Brydon stars alongside noted Australian comedy performers Kris McQuade, Kat Stewart, Peter Kowitz, Tim Draxl, Damion Hunter and Hollie Andrew.

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