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Comfort TV: What Series or Shows are like comfort food to you?

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    Whenever I need TV comfort, and I mean 'coming home after a hard day of getting chewed out by irate clients' comfort, I go to M.A.S.H, The Vicar of Dibley, The IT Crowd or Arrested Development. The Twilight Zone is my final refuge.


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      Originally posted by SeeDoubleYou View Post
      And what they're doing with Cinematic Titanic and Rifftrax, respectively, is like manna in the desert...
      now, if only they can work things out with Jim Mallon and give MST3K a kinda multiversal-reboot
      Well, even as I wrote this, Joel was already teasing just this!
      They're doing it online, says on the wikipedia that they'll get a new host and have cameos from the alumni, and here they talk about new bots; very, very cool!!
      Found this when, on a whim, I watched a rough cut of It Lives By Night on YouTube ("blowing mud") and this led to youtube videos of the Turkey Day marathon DVDs they've been releasing with the new intros and segments with Joel, and Trace and Josh doing Crow and Servo. After some time, I eventually searched on Google "mst3k reboot" and, viola!
      So, truly, a multiversal-reboot; the Eternal Champion reincarnate!