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J. G. Ballard adaptation on BBC 2 this Saturday...

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  • J. G. Ballard adaptation on BBC 2 this Saturday...

    Just thought y'all might be interested. It's on Saturday 15th January, 9pm on BBC 2. Here's the synopsis from the BBC site and a link to more info.

    BBC FOUR on BBC TWO: Adapted from J G Ballard's story The Enormous Space, this drama starring Antony Sher reveals what happens to a man once he chooses to shut himself off from the outside world.

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    Did anyone else watch this? It was really rather good. Twistedly funny...


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      Yes. I haven't read the short story upon which it was based, but it contained some significant signs that JG Ballard was the original author. Although, there's a bit where Antony Sher is wearing a pair of striped pyjamas so evocative of the Nazi death camps, they added a slightly odd angle, but contained a grain of truth.

      Weird, indeed. I'm still thinking about all the ramifications. Took me back to the days of one off experimental TV plays, in showcases like Armchair Theatre and also reminded me a lot of Samuel Beckett's work.

      It's that neat balance between plausibility, internal logical consistency and out and out total darkest lunacy, all rounded off with an invitation to join in the fun...

      Infinity in a suburban semi and fear in the attic. The unbearable lightness of being in suburbia.

      With Jerry Springer The Opera last week, Is BBC2 sending out some kind of Saturday night SOS, at the moment?