I've just listened to a rather good if short piece on R4 - an LSD culture retrospective and overview. Covered Hoffman's bike trip, Leary, even some Hawkwind members. A very clear and non-reactionary history.

I'm fascinated by the 'Acid' experience as the descriptions of 'trips' seem to echo a lot of sensations and experience I feel when I'm 'creating', or just tootling around 'synthesising' my own visions. This isn't meant to be glib - I experienced what I later realised was synaesthesia frequently as a child. When I was at Vetschool (which is a pretty hedonistic place, especially pharmaceutically) I was never a frequent drug-user: A very occassional spliff, a few mushroom teas and one E-tab constitute my record. I was always stoked up on exercise-generated endorphins. I have never tried LSD. Fellow-students used to say 'You (ie, me) don't change when you take drugs' which was curious. But the acid-culture seems to resonate how I see the world. Now, the question is, does this mean I have an endogeneous excess of serotonin release (possibly suppressed when I suffered from depression) that acts in a similar way to that of the LSD-triggered flux of 5-HT? Or, were some of those sugarcubes I scoffed as a kid not all they seemed, and did I read The Butterfly Ball too much??? :D Comments on your experiences, especially re: creativity and the worlds we inhabit?