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What TV are you watching now? (2014)

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  • I started watching 4400 but could not go far than half season 3. I thought it was mostly ok and so many plot holes and I thought they the writers did not have good ideas to explain so many characters going away ( I think due to the fact many actors left the show leaving the writers the hard task to tie the plot to these unexpected events ).

    So many things I want to watch but I really don't know what.

    I will most definitely watch the last 2 episodes of "Sherlock" BBC of Season 3, which I kept waiting while I went through Farscape, Stargate SG1 and Atlantis and Jericho, all series Netflix thank God allowed me to watch finally....
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    • Originally posted by Katherine Amorette Lebonheur View Post
      Black Mirror will be the next one. I haven't watched it but I've heard so much about it and I am intrigued.
      I give it my highest recommendation. It's what imagined The Twilight Zone would be like when I was a kid until I watched some actual Twilight Zone episodes...


      • 2014 and 1015.

        I watched the old Colditz BBC TV Series.

        Even knowing some of history, that series was the most suspenseful one ever created! (or therabouts)

        One of the few shows that I am on the edge of my seat, literally, and that instigates me to shout at the television screen.

        Like, "Get down!" "Hurry!" "Look Out!" "Come on...." "Watch Out!"
        "Go...Go...Go..." "Run!" "Get outta there!" and often, I would shout, "Bastards!"

        A few censored words and possible phrases as well.

        Colditz is such a well made series.

        I like it better than The Great Escape.

        I'm watching BBC's Wings right now, season 2.

        I am watching a bunch of documentaries, including UFO, Conspiracy, Extra-Terrestrial, Food, Secrets, War, and Government.

        I do have some season 4 Twilight Zone lined up, a tease of Danger UXB lined up and a few other ones. I did see a couple Callan and need to order seasons 3 and 4 of The Equalizer. I plan to buy Hanna-Barbara's Space Stars and a couple other things that I put off sending away for, once I catch up on some things here. I need to get The Saint series and want to sample some other oldies but goodies. (Oh, and I always have some Bond DVDs on stand by)

        Planning to watch more of my Man From U.N.C.L.E. collection and some other things and mayhaps revisit some Wild Wild West.
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        - Michael Moorcock


        • On the Intelligence of Publishers

          or, Random House's Bennett Cerf and Friends Trying to Guess Salvador Dali's Line of Work

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          • Since platelet donations tend to take about 85 minutes for me, I tend to watch a couple of episodes of The X-Files each time. But since I managed to watch Squeeze in the previous donation, I felt the need to go watch Tooms at home. Just one of those monsters that you need to see die in order to feel better.
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            • Watching The X-Files makes me want to buy a Ford automobile sometimes.

              I do love The X-Files. Then before watching the entire series over again, I go through viewings of documentaries about the supernatural, UFO's, Extra-Terrestrials and government conspiracies.

              Anyway, on the TV front, I am still trying to finish the last three segments of The Star Wars Holiday Special.

              I have also been watching a little of Weird or What? and a few other things, including some of that History Channel junk and their stuff on Presidents.

              I did just see the season return episode 9 of The Walking Dead.

              "With a deep, not-unhappy sigh, Elric prepared to do battle with an army." (Red Pearls)
              - Michael Moorcock


              • Second season of Elementary: still not-as-clever-or-original-but-more-fun than the beeb's Sherlock!