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Best Animated / Anime Series?

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    Some of my favorites:

    Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet - 2 episodes in and so far it is great.

    The Vision of Escaflowne - High fantasy with magic-powered mecha-knights


    MobileSuit Gundam


    Ghost in the Shell

    Princess Mononoke


    Attack on Titan - So awesome I binge-watched it.


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      Originally posted by Lucifer Baphomet View Post
      No love for Cowboy Bebop??
      That is a fantastic series. Only discovered it earlier this year - watched one episode online and ended up watching the whole thing and buying it all on blu-ray.

      Everyone should see it.
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        Friends, The Venture Brothers is the best cartoon ever and let's leave it at that.


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          My favorite anime was and remains Rurouni Kenshin.

          The Ghost in the Shell franchise is fantastic as well.

          Outside of Anime, for US Broadcast cartoons, my favorites would be (in no particular order):
          • Gargoyles
          • Batman the Animated Series
          • The X-Mex (of the early-mid '90's)
          • Animaniacs (absolutely LOVE that one)
          • and a newer addition that I really enjoyed would be Tron: Uprising.
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            The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: The story of a well-meaning but annoying Japanese high school girl (Haruhi), who is unwittingly omnipotent. That is to say, she basically has "Q Continuum" abilities, but she doesn't realize it. Her whims and moods and daydreams can alter the fabric of reality. She must never realize she has this power, because if she did, it would be... very not good. An alien super-intelligence is monitoring her activities, and trying to make sure that she doesn't get too many loopy ideas. Unfortunately Haruhi is obsessed with strange phenomena, which is a problem. A time-traveler and and esper also show up, both also striving to prevent Haruhi from thinking about anything too wacky. Haruhi's mopey and dickless sort-of boyfriend is similarly tasked with this task. He is the narrator, and he mopes a lot. It is pretty much okay.

            Spice and Wolf: The story of an amoral sociopathic peddler, and his dipsomaniac shape-shifting wolf-goddess girlfriend. Set in a sort-of Europe during the sort-of Dark Ages. Problems arise because the peddler is not a total bastard, in spite of his greedy, sneaky little prick persona it turns out that deep down he is really a nice guy, which sort of pisses him off, and he frequently is conflicted between profit motive and doing the right thing, and also his girlfriend just wants to get drunk off her ass all the time, and vomit and eat apples and vomit some more. Also neither of them want to acknowledge their feelings for each other, and so each day is a charade of petty bickering and shenanigans, and each night is a purgatory of silent yearning and loud puking. All in all it is very wistful and poignant, you will probably like it.

            Sora No Woto (Sound of the Sky): Set in a distant future, on a quite possibly doomed Earth. The world's ecosystem is in decline, and civilization is gradually fading. War may be impending, naive young recruits do their best to stay true to themselves, there is innocence and also lots of poignant wistful stuff, you will probably like it.

            Watamote: The story of a high school girl who suffers from extremely severe social anxiety disorder. Very dark comedy, hilarious and disturbing at the same time, poignant, wistful, you will probably like it.

            Some anime trailers...

            Sukitte ii na yo (Say "I Love You"): Socially alienated girl falls for handsome, well-meaning boy. But is it love, or pity? Poignancy and wistfulness in abundance.



            Sound of the Sky promo:



            Girls Und Panzer: Exactly what it says on the tin.



            Beck: Mongolian Chop Squad: A bunch of feckless young ne'er do wells start a trashy rock n roll band. Will they find stardom, or get killed by a maniac?


            Eden of the East: Mystery! Suspense! Terrorism! Paranoia! Conspiracy! Missiles! Chaos!


            The Garden of Words: You want poignant and wistful? This flick has it in spades.


            The Place Promised In Our Early Days: Our universe is being displaced by another dimension, and therefore we're probably screwed. Some feisty kids decide to do something about it, but will it be enough?


            Watamote promo: Poor little Tomoko, even the simplest social interactions cause her to go into total brainlock. She is so painfully shy that she can barely function in society. We should feel nothing but infinite sympathy for her.

            ...Why is it so damn funny?


            Spice and Wolf promo:

            ▶ Spice and Wolf - You Are An Ass (Official Clip) - YouTube

            The Ralph Retort