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  • Bob
    Can't hardly wait for Vol 4 to come out in the USA, in August, I've heard.
    That's a bit of wait! That got released way before christmas last year, here in Ol' Blighty. Suddenly I don't feel so bad about having to wait months for movies to make it over here :)

    In fact, I was just re-watching my tape of "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" the other day. I taped it the last time Cartoon Network aired it. Best Star Trek Parody I've ever seen
    Shatner: Will the real Slim Shady please stand up, please stand up. Yes, all you other Shady's are just imitating...

    Had me in tears!

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  • kard
    i think Futurama is a great parody of Iain Bankآ´s Consider Phlebas :D

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  • DeeCrowSeer
    Well, I was addicted to Red Dwarf up until Series 5, where the writers totally lost it... or perhaps they lost one of their writers. I forget. Either way, they lost the mother ship, and the whole thing got rather pointless.

    I think the most remarkable thing about the show, which it rarely seems to get any credit for, is the fact that the main cast featured an equal number of black and white actors. It's always been my belief that sci-fi and fantasy universes allow writers (should they be so inclined) to redress the inbalance between various races, cultures and genders in other media... or at least to explore it. There weren't any female characters of note in the show, but that was part of the "conflict" that drove the story, so at least there was a reason for it. It's been a while since I read anything about the show, so I can't remember exactly why they cast the actors they did. I know Craig "Lister" Charles had been in sitcoms before, and Danny "Cat" John-Jules was an accomplished dancer. Whatever the reason behind it, they had a great ensemble going. Shame the writing went down the toilet.

    End rant.


    "They're dead Dave... everybody's dead, Dave... Dave, everybody's dead..."

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  • Whiskers
    What I love about Futurama is that every episode is saturated with Easter Eggs.

    Now that Futurama is done, maybe they could do a D&D type show.

    My favorite episode is the one when Fry eats an egg-salad sandwich from a vending machine at a gas station. Entitled PARASITES LOST. I'll leave it at that. It is hilarious.


    I am also a huge fan of the pre-Kryton Red Dwarf episodes. My favorite dialog from Red Dwarf is when Lister discovers that the race of hummanoid cats that evolved from Frankenstien developed a religion based on his laundry list, calendar featuring Fiji and Lister's taste for savoury doughnuts.

    From the script of WAITING FOR GOD:

    6 Int. Sleeping quarters.

    LISTER is sitting on his bunk. CAT enters, carrying a book and waving his yo-yo around.

    CAT: Yeah, yeah, yeah! I'm back! Feeling good! (To LISTER) Feed me.
    LISTER: Cat, hi. I haven't seen you for ages. Where have you been?
    CAT: Investigating.
    LISTER: Got you some crispies.
    CAT: Yeah, yeah, yeah!
    LISTER: I read the book you gave me, you know. It's got a brilliant ending. I could hardly believe me nose.
    CAT: Oh, forget that. Got you this. The one you asked about. The Holy Book.
    LISTER: Oh, great! (Opens the book and begins to run his nose across it.) Hey! Pictures!
    CAT: Yeah! That's a Cat thing. You see, sometimes, in a book, we have a drawing of something that is happening in the story, and we call them "pictures."
    LISTER: Yeah, yeah, we have pictures too.
    CAT: Hey, you monkeys are smarter than I thought.
    LISTER: This is me!

    The picture depicts a noble-looking individual, vaguely resembling Lister, wearing biblical-style robes and carrying a black cat (an ordinary cat, not a humanoid cat) on his shoulder. Above his head is a doughnut-shaped halo.

    CAT: No, that's not you, that's Cloister. He was the father of the Cat people. He lived years ago, at the Beginning.
    LISTER: (Turns the page) Who's that?

    The next picture shows the same guy (without the cat) sitting lotus-style inside what seems to be a giant ice cube.

    CAT: That's him frozen in time.
    LISTER: No, that's *me*! I was sent into stasis. That's what "frozen in time" is.
    CAT: He did that to save Frankenstein.
    LISTER: Look, Frankenstein was my pet cat! (Points back and forth between himself and the picture) Look, Lister, Cloister. Cloister, Lister! See?
    CAT: Listen, you stupid monkey, Cloister's another name for ... for God!
    LISTER: That's what I'm saying! I am your God!

    CAT looks LISTER up and down. He's not impressed. (Well, who would be?)

    CAT: OK. (Points to his bowl of crispies) Turn this into a woman.
    LISTER: I'm serious.
    CAT: So am I!
    LISTER: Look, Frankenstein was my pet cat, right? And she was pregnant. Now, I got put into suspended animation. I was supposed to be there for 18 months, but I didn't get out for three million years.
    CAT: You oversleep? So do I.
    LISTER: No! What I'm saying is that over those three million years, your entire race of people evolved from my pet cat.
    CAT: Ah, I gotta go now, man. But let's do lunch sometime. I'll put it in my diary: 12:30, lunch with God. And, ah, formal dress, you know what I'm saying?
    LISTER: It is true, you know.
    CAT: Yeah? Then I gotta ask you the ultimate question. If you're God, why that face?
    LISTER: What's wrong with me face?
    CAT: What's wrong with your face? It's upside down and inside out, that's what's wrong with it. Aaaooowww! (Leaves the room.)

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  • DeepFixer
    Oh hell yes!
    Best show on TV, and all the programming execs at FOX are assholes for cancelling it!!

    In fact, I was just re-watching my tape of "Where No Fan Has Gone Before" the other day. I taped it the last time Cartoon Network aired it. Best Star Trek Parody I've ever seen :D

    Can't hardly wait for Vol 4 to come out in the USA, in August, I've heard.

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  • Omaru
    Definitely one of my favorite TV shows ever. I personally like it better than the Simpsons, although I emphasize that this is my personal opinion (I know how Simpsons fans can be ;) ). And they did get better over time.

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  • Bob
    I certainly would, mate. You can see why some of it got censored, even though it's never really offensive, but innocent minds and all...

    Anyhow, seasons two, three and four are all superb, with season two being arguably the best. Give the DVD's a go if you have the cash and an urge to buy something :)

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  • DeeCrowSeer
    I really loved the first season, but then the channel that was showing the second season over here starting censoring it, and that was bugging me so much I had to stop watching. I think they've shown the third season, but put it on after midnight, to really bring in the... er... owls. I'm sure it rated very highly with nocturnal birds and mammals.

    I shouldn't let the stupid TV people put me off though, and the DVDs seem to be on offer all the time these days. My friend was telling me that it actually got better as it went along. Would you agree?


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  • Bob
    started a topic Futurama?


    Anyone a fan? :D

    I love it myself and still get a twinge of pain when I think about it having been cancelled...