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    Have people seen all the CD's of Robert Calvert's material that Voiceprint have scheduled? I was really rather excited until the first two arrived in the post: the sound quality is appalling. What Voiceprint can possibly mean by claiming they have been 'remastered' in any shape or form is beyond me. Neither of them come close to the quality of the Carlisle gig that Steve Pond used to let people download for free on his Inner City Unit site.

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    Dead Fred still offers the same, except for New Anatomy.
    Dave Anderson has a notice posted on that site threatening to sue Fred for any more free offers of material from the Demi Monde label.
    Thats all right you can still download "Bones Of Elvis" there.


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      John Effay Wrote
      the sound quality is appalling
      I have found that the Robert Calvert reissues on BGO records are the best. I have copies of " Blueprints From The Cellar "and " Captain Locheed and the Starfighters " on BGO cds. "Test Tube Concieved" was on Demi Monde records originally. The Robert Calvert & Maximum Effect materials are not of the best sound quality. It is a sad effigy for such a talented man. (That material is available for download on the ICU website also.)


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        The quality of the two Voiceprint CD's issued so far is so bad that you would be disappointed if you had bought them as bootleg cassettes. I'll be getting them all, but mainly for Calvert's inter-song banter. Also because I'm a bit of a saddo when it comes to Calvert; somebody once said of me at school that if something came out labelled 'Robert Calvert's Excreta', I would undoubtedly buy it. This is not an inaccurate description.

        I would warn all but the most rabid fans to actually listen to these CDs before they buy them.

        Thats all right you can still download "Bones Of Elvis" there.
        You are plainly a person of impeccable taste


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          Give Me White Feather.. Give Me White Feather..Im Up On The Wire

          Recieving Loud And Clear John.....My sentiments exactly!!!

          Injecting,Vivisecting in Laboratories.....Save Them....