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New Album - Spacehawks

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  • New Album - Spacehawks

    Sort of a weird mix of different kinds of stuff IMO, a few tracks off other recent albums mixed with new tracks. It's got a track with HLL which must have been one of the last things he did.

    Materializing in Autumn 2013
    With Exclusive Tracks, ranging from the re-imagining of classic hits like: ‘Sunship’ and ‘Seasons’, to BRAND NEW, PREVIOUSLY UNHEARD TRACKS like: ‘Lonely Moon’, this is a tour de force of Space-Rock, unlikely to be matched or surpassed by any young pretenders!
    ‘Spacehawks’ is released on 28th October 2013.

    HAWKWIND: SPACEHAWKS CD Digi-Pak Track List:

    01. Seasons [Remix from ‘Onward’ album]
    02. Assault & Battery [New studio recording of track from ‘Warrior On The Edge Of Time’ album]
    03. Sonic Attack [New version with William ‘Captain Kirk’ Shatner]
    04. Demented Man [New studio recording of track from ‘Warrior On The Edge Of Time’ album]
    05. We Two Are One * New Track *
    06. We Took The Wrong Step [from Dave Brock’s ‘Looking For Love’ solo album]
    07. Masters Of The Universe [New studio recording with Huw Lloyd-Langton]
    08. Sacrosanct * New Track *
    09. Oh Dear * New Track *
    10. Sentinel [Remix from ‘Blood Of The Earth’ album]
    11. Its All Lies [from HAWKWIND LIGHT ORCHESTRA’s ‘Stellar Variations’ album]
    12. Touch * New Track *
    13. The Chumps Are Jumping * New Track *
    14. Lonely Moon * New Track *
    15. Sunship [Remix from ‘Blood Of The Earth’ album]
    Cinder Block Press