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Robert Calvert at Pentameters Theatre, London

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  • Robert Calvert at Pentameters Theatre, London

    Pentameters Theatre

    (above the Horeshoe Pub)


    The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice

    by Robert Calvert

    Produced by Léonie Scott-Matthews
    Directed by Simone Sklan

    Robert Calvert (1945–1988). A chance meeting with Léonie Scott-Matthews in 1969 lead to Robert performing from his play The Box at Pentameters and his poetry was published in Pentameters Anthology. Robert subsequently became lead singer for Hawkwind and wrote songs including his hit Silver Machine.

    The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice (commissioned and performed at Pentameters in 1976). It is 1962 and a potentially explosive standoff is looming in the hold of a US army plane between a veteran white sergeant and a callow black paratrooper. The young private, who has provoked his sergeant's ire by declining to jump, is James Marshall Hendrix; in four years' time he will come to his apotheosis as rock star Jimi Hendrix. Now, though, it is not fear or insubordination but a premonition that is stopping him from launching himself from the plane; Jimi is hesitantly poised on the edge of a jump into a future as a musician that will bestow him with "money, fame and chicks".

    Press Night: Thursday, 16th May 2013
    Tuesday, 14th May - Sunday, 2nd June 2013

    Tuesday - Saturday at 8.00pm
    Sunday at 5.00pm
    (No performance Mondays)
    Tickets: £12.00 / Concessions: £10.00
    Box Office: 020 7435 3648

    For press information contact [email protected]