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New Hawkind Album: 'Onward'

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  • New Hawkind Album: 'Onward'

    'Onward' is the new Studio album from the legendary Gods of Space-Rock: HAWKWIND!
    Recorded at Earth Studios, the eagerly awaited follow-up to 'Blood Of The Earth' encapsulates the band in full creative flight with a lavish collection of new music, featuring sound tracks for internet warfare, mantras for self realization and electrical systems checks; revealing ancient prophecies, aligning constellations, urban violence and touchy-feely robots; unfolding harsh primordial soundscapes heralding a new green millennium.
    It's a HAWKWIND album - you know what to expect as it seeks to unravel ancient mysteries brought to life with stories of distant past.
    The line-up is: Dave Brock (vocals / guitar / synthesizers), Richard Chadwick (drums / vocals), Tim Blake (keyboards / Theremin), Mr. Dibs (vocals / bass) and Niall Hone (bass / synthesis / sequencing / guitar).
    The Deluxe Edition comes in a Hardback Book packaging with a 16-Page Booklet.
    Disc2 of both CD formats contains 3 Bonus Live Tracks taken from the HAWK vaults, demonstrating the prowess of the late Jason Stuart's exceptional keyboard playing.

    Track List - CD Disc 1 [Std & Ltd Editions]:
    01. Seasons (5:40)
    02. Hills Have Ears [guest guitarist: Huw Lloyd-Langton] (5:09)
    03. Mind Cut (4:54)
    04. System Check (1:07)
    05. Death Trap (3:32)
    06. Southern Cross (6:42)
    07. Prophecy (4:14)
    08. Electric Tears (0:57)
    09. Drive By (4:42)
    TPT - 36:59

    Track List - CD Disc 2 [Std & Ltd Editions]:
    01. Computer Cowards (5:28)
    02. Howling Moon (2:12)
    03. Right To Decide (6:32) * Bonus Track *
    04. Aerospace Age (5:55) * Bonus Track *
    05. Flowering Of The Rose (8:25) * Bonus Track *
    06. Trans Air Trucking (2:39)
    07. Deep Vents (0:33)
    08. Green Finned Demon (5:26)
    09. ??? (7:58) * Mystery Bonus Track *
    TPT -

    Track List - Vinyl LP1 - Side A:
    01. Seasons
    02. Hills Have Ears [guest guitarist: Huw Lloyd-Langton]
    03. Mind Cut
    04. System Check
    05. Death Trap

    Track List - Vinyl LP1 - Side B:
    01. Southern Cross
    02. Prophecy
    03. Electric Tears
    04. Drive By
    05. Computer Cowards

    Track List - Vinyl LP2 - Side A:
    01. Right To Decide
    02. Aero Space Age
    03. Flowering Of The Rose

    Track List - Vinyl LP2 - Side B:
    01. Howling Moon
    02. Trans Air Trucking
    03. Deep Vents
    04. Green Finned Demon
    05. * Bonus Mystery Track *
    I wish they'd stuck all the regular tracks on one disc and the bonus tracks on another. All of this changing of discs wears me out,
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    Nice. Hope it comes out soon.