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    (Triple CD Journey Through the Mind-Altering Space-Rock of Hawkwind / 12 Unreleased Tracks - Stock # 1453133)
    Normally 3CD �16.99 - Ltd Offer 3CD �15.99

    Following the release last year of 'Hawkwind At The BBC 1972', EMI Records are to release: 'Parallel Universe' - A Triple CD that is an extensive journey through Hawkwind's mind-altering space rock.
    This exciting 3CD Anthology set is due from EMI Records in August 2011.
    'Parallel Universe' is a significant release that as well as containing a good cross-section of the band's output over the first five years, (the band was actually formed in 1969), pulls together a slew of material that's previously been available as Bonus Tracks on the EMI remasters from a few years back, plus a selection of Previously Unreleased United Artists - era tracks including studio versions of: 'It's So Easy' and 'You'd Better Believe It', a very different studio cut of 'Wind Of Change', alternative vocals on a studio recording of 'Seven By Seven' and new songs: 'Hog Farm' and what's listed as being a previously unreleased track: 'Take What You Can', which actually appeared on a 'Weird Tapes' release under the title: 'Make What You Can', although at this stage we don't know if it is the same recording or another previously unknown version.
    This package of great tracks is something that no serious Hawkwind fan or collector should be without. These are the seminal recordings of the band - the essence of what Hawkwind was at that time, and was all about. The sleeve notes for this highly anticipated releases are by Nik Turner.

    Track List - Disc 1:
    01. Hurry On Sundown [original mono single]
    02. Mirror Of Illusion [mono single edit]
    03. You Know You're Only Dreaming [original 1970 version] * previously unreleased *
    04. Reason Is [alternate version] * previously unreleased *
    05. Be Yourself [alternate mix] * previously unreleased *
    06. Seeing It As You Really Are [from the album: 'Hawkwind']
    07. Hog Farm * previously unreleased *
    08. Kiss Of The Velvet Whip [aka 'Sweet Mistress Of Pain' - 1971 version] * previously unreleased *
    09. You Shouldn't Do That [from the album: 'In Search Of Space']
    10. Master Of The Universe [original vocal take] * previously unreleased *
    11. Children Of The Sun [from the album: 'In Search Of Space']
    12. Paranoia ['Greasy Truckers Party' version - live]
    Track List - Disc 2:
    01. Brainstorm [from the album: 'Doremi Fasol Latido']
    02. Space Is Deep [from the album: 'Doremi Fasol Latido']
    03. Lord Of Light [from the-album: Doremi Fasol Latido']
    04. Take What You Can * previously unreleased *
    05. Silver Machine [original single mix]
    06. Seven By Seven [original single alternate vocal mix] * previously unreleased *
    07. Born To Go ['Space Ritual' version - live]
    08. Down Through The Night ['Space Ritual' version - live]
    09. Accumulator ['Space Ritual' version - live]
    10. Sonic Attack ['Space Ritual' version - live]
    Track List - Disc 3:
    01. Ejection
    02. Urban Guerrilla [original single]
    03. Brainbox Pollution [full-length version] * previously unreleased *
    04. It's So Easy [original studio version] * previously unreleased *
    05. You'd Better Believe It [Rockfield studios version] * previously unreleased *
    06. Psychedelic Warlords {Disappear In Smoke} [single version]
    07. Wind Of Change [alternate version] * previously unreleased *
    08. Paradox [remix - single edit]
    09. Hall Of The Mountain Grill [from the album: 'Hall Of The Mountain Grill']
    10. Lost Johnny [from the album: 'Hall Of The Mountain Grill']
    11. D-Rider ['1999 Party' version - live]
    12. Watcher ['1999 Party' version - live]

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    Ohhh...i want this anthology badly!
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