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Deep purple song sampled on adverts.

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  • Deep purple song sampled on adverts.

    I swear i have heard a deep purple song Highway star or something.
    in a remix or a dance track, on a car ad a contact lens ad and a ad for sweets. In the sweets hes playing pin ball and a sweet falls out when he wins. Its either fireball , speed king, highway star or something else. I never thought that deep purple would ever get sampled for a dance song ever, and perhaps they havnt, and im wrong. Of course, it could be a song i havnt got , cos ive only got a best of cd. Just curious. :twisted:

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    More importantly, you should check out the remasters of the four Gillan-era albums (In Rock, Fireball, Machine Head, and Who Do We Think We Are). Massive improvements in sound and full of additional tracks.


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      Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water" riff was once used to advertise Strongbow cider. I wouldn't be surprised if more of their stuff was used in advertising.

      All the old rock riffs are continuously resurrected in "new" songs and I am first in the queue to hate people like "The Darkness" for doing it. But dance music can do what it likes for all I care, I'm not going to have to listen to it anyway!

      Bill, I have the "In Rock" remaster it's great! The remixes really are remixed and not just shite (as I thought the definition of a remix was) ;)

      Rock On!


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        Etive, if you like that kind of "real" remix, the next two (Fireball and Machine Head) are even better. Roger Glover remixed the entire Machine Head album (the set is double disc) and some - not all - of the songs are significantly different. The starkest difference is in Smoke, as Ritchie cut a couple of solos; the remix has an alternate solo which is quite freaky the first time you hear it.


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          Cheers Bill,

          I will look out for those.