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    All I have to say is wow...

    I was aware of their existance... I was aware that they influenced all of the music that I love... I was aware that they are German (a + in my book)... I was aware that they were good. But nothing could have prepaired me for the experiance. I got their CD WWIII for my birthday and now they're my second favorite band. Second only to NIN and just above Dimmu Borgir on my list. If you haven't heard them, check them out. Very political, very powerful, very very good.


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    Kill Muther Fucking Depeche Mode


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      I thought they were something to do with Minstry Al Jourgensen et al
      I liked 'em when I first heard them but got a bit bored of them, got into euro techno/acid at the time which was harder I used to go to an amazing night of such stuff in the same building I am working in which is a bit weird it was very loud and very hard and the atmosphere was amazing some track alnost every one in the club would be dancing oh those were great nights


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        Originally posted by krunky
        Kill Muther Fucking Depeche Mode
        Close...and a damn's good idea... :D , there is a fan website devoted to various alternative meanings, (none of them as good as that one), can't remember the URL.

        Actual meaning is Kein Mitleid Fur die Mehrheit (No sympathy for the majority)

        Check out Angst and Nihil. IMHO their best albums.

        Trivia: they did a couple of remixes for Rob Zombie, as well.


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          Last time I attended a KMFDM show was in Atlanta and believe me they knocked me on my can. At the very back of the venue, I still could not understand a word said by my companion and I felt the bass rattling my ribs. I will see them any time any place.
          Great soundtrack for a revolution!
          "But I'm tryin', Ringo, I'm trying real hard to be the shepard."