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Motorhead to Bring Metal to Royal Opera House

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  • MJR
    Citizen of Tanelorn
    • Jan 2004
    • 281

    Motorhead to Bring Metal to Royal Opera House

    Check it out:
    \"No, I think Space is a dimension of Time. My theory is that Time is a field and that Space exists as an aspect of Time.\" Michael Moorcock

    \"All I know about anything is \"I wasn\'t. I am. I will not be.\" Michael Moorcock
  • Jimm
    Nomad of the Time Streams
    • Feb 2004
    • 33

    What's with the Guinness claim?

    The only band that claims that is Manowar and the only band that actually did it was The Who.


    • Cypher
      Corsair of the Second Ether
      • Dec 2003
      • 88

      If you like Motorhead, which personally I don't, their uk tour covers lots of other less impressive venues:
      MOTORHEAD Barrowlands Glasgow TUE 09/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Newcastle City Hall Newcastle WED 10/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Liverpool Academy Liverpool THU 11/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Sheffield Octagon Sheffield SAT 13/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Carling Apollo Manchester SUN 14/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Rock City Nottingham MON 15/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Exeter University Exeter WED 17/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Colston Hall Bristol THU 18/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Southampton Guildhall Southampton FRI 19/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Newport Centre Newport SUN 21/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Norwich U.E.A. Norwich MON 22/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Leas Cliff Hall Folkestone TUE 23/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Carling Academy Birmingham THU 25/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Corn Exchange Cambridge FRI 26/11/2004
      MOTORHEAD Carling Apollo Hammersmith London SAT 27/11/2004


      • Yisselda
        Eternal Companion
        • Jan 2004
        • 776

        So theyve got time to tour what with doing every other wrestling theme and song in existance then. They probably do tons of other themes too. :twisted: