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  • Theremin Music

    I just found this Clara Rockmore fan page on My Space. It's a handy way to listen to some music played on the original electronic instrument if you haven't already got Clara's album.

    I love the theremin, which has been used in some incredible music, probably most famously "Good Vibrations" by Brian Wilson and his band the Beach Boys.
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    Thanks for posting this, DA! The theremin is an awe inspiring instrument, to say the least. You've reminded me that I need to get the movie-Theremin - An Electronic Odyssey, now that it's been picked up again(it was OOP last I looked). I highly recommend this movie.

    Didn't Robert Moog die this year?
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      Saw a couple of videos of the BBs performing G.V. and it looked as if they were using a Martenot Ondes rather than a Theremin, they're very similar except that the M.O. is probably much easier to control because of the ring-on-a-string controller, cool stuff.
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        Madrigal Rose - Yes that movie is wonderful, and yes, sadly Robert Moog did pass on this past year.
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