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Mission of Burma

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  • Mission of Burma

    I finally saw the legendary Boston post-punk band Mission of Burma last night, having been a fan of their brilliant art/noise/rock since the late '80s (which was just after they'd broken up.)

    They reunited in 2002, but I was a little dubious that maybe they weren't going to be up to the standard of their incredible early days. Then I heard their newest ablum The Obliterati and was blown away by how alive and new it sounded; not a bunch of geezers rehashing their youth at all, but musicians at the top of their form totally rocking out.

    Apparently guitarist Roger Miller has figured out how to deal with the tinnitus that forced them to call it quits in 1985. Last night he had visible ear-plugs and a plexiglass screen between him drummer Peter Prescott's kit, and he also had a huge grin on his face as they tore through their classics and new songs to a crowd of hugely appreciative fans. Their energy was incredible, and though the show was over just a little after midnight, I couldn't get to sleep until 4 A.M. after taking in that incredible energy.

    It was definitely an older crowd, despite a slam dancing pit occuring, when a friend of mine had his glasses knocked off, the crowd all stopped and helped him find and recover them. The crowd was in a totally positive frame of mind, seeing a group they never thought they'd actually get to see, and having it actually not be a nostalgia act!
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    I am deeply deeply deeply envious - I Always loved Vs? Did they have Martin Swopes doin' the tapeloop thang?
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      No, he's no longer with him, however his replacement is rather ideal - Bob Weston of Shellac is doing the same job. They even told him they'd be perfectly cool with him using digital tools, but he insisted it needed to be tape deck loops just like Swope did to maintain the purity of Burma. It is the original trio though, and they are completely fit and totally together. You should pick up The Obliterati, because it's honestly on a par with Vs. Click on the link in my original post and you'll go their Wikipedia page, which has all the details of the break-up and reunion.
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