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6/24 Eyes & Ears Thunderegg, Olympia, WA

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  • 6/24 Eyes & Ears Thunderegg, Olympia, WA

    This is of course primarily for the NW USA members of MM, but there are no shortage of those, so here we go...

    It looks like tomorrow will be the hottest day of the year, and the Dead Air Fresheners are playing. Can it be a coincidence?

    It's the last day/night of the 12th Annual Olympia Experimental Music Festival, and film-maker/organizer Eric Ostrowski (of Noggin, Crackpot Crafters, etc...) has put together an audio-visual feast of multi-media extremism called Eyes and Ears Thunderegg:

    @YES YES 320 4th Ave W, Olympia,
    (this is sadly going to be one of the very last shows at YES YES ever.)
    $7 or free with festival pass; All Ages welcome.

    Eyes and Ears Thunderegg Show Schedule:

    3-5 PM - Crackpot Crafters - handmade film workshop - "drop-in knitting bee for film dorks" - hosted by Devon Damonte

    7:00 Dead Air Fresheners (videos on multiple television monitors by Aaron Cayko)

    7:30 Derek Johnson and Jen Grady - slide show with dueling cellos
    815 Doug Theriault duo with Artis the Spoonman
    915 Film Program (Super8 and 16mm shorts)

    Blood Clot does live soundtracks to Super 8 shorts:

    "Die Cut" by Kevin Jacobs
    "Radar Dome Head People" by Doug Lane
    "Iron Man" by Jason Gutz

    Bridget Irish - film and projector performance

    16mm portion of the program:

    The Astrum Argentium by Jon Behrens (World Premiere) (7 minutes)
    "Chickens: By, For, and About" by Sara Biagini (World Premiere) (7 minutes)
    "The Hummingbird" (2 minutes)
    "The Woodpecker" (2 minutes)
    "Boom Chick-A-Dee" (2 minutes)
    "The Bumblebee" (2 minutes) by Eric Ostrowski

    Bryan Frye - Pinhole super-8 film with live accompaniment by The XYZ Affair (Carrie Deming & Brian Frye on circuit bent toys).

    10:30 Devon Damonte with Foque Mopus -multi-projector riot "Baby Bananas"
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    Here's a nice shot I took of Artis the Spoonman at the show last night:

    It was great to talk with him again, I haven't since I opened up for him in this vegan restaraunt in the U-district in Seattle in like 1992 (!) I think he will make it on What's This Called? for a radio set sometime soon now!
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      Here's a shot of The Dead Air Fresheners from Sunday's performance:

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