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Yrkoon - french metal band

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  • Yrkoon - french metal band

    official forum and website

    I never heard this band, but they're quite famous in the fench death-metal/black-metal field. I think I even performed with them in a festival but can't remember their music at all, so I probably didn't see their gig.

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    They also change a lot since they start. Anyway, there are many bands inspired by Mike... One (Witches) is coming back and may release a new record sometimes.
    Free the West Memphis Three


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      Yyrkoon are actually quite good and well-respected in the extreme metal field outside France. I co-host one of America's longest-running metal radio shows and we've played them several times, from the CD Occult Medicine. They have a new one out, but I haven't gotten it yet. I definitely plan to.

      From a musical-talent perspective I suspect they're as good as, or better than, most of the MM-inspired bands out there, but their type of metal is quite extreme and not for the faint of heart.

      It was a great feeling seeing the CD at the radio station and thinking "Hooray, there's no doubt where this band got their name from!" :D