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We made a bit of radio history....

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  • Pellaz
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    • Sep 2004
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    We made a bit of radio history....

    I'm one of the hosts for a weekly metal radio show here in Atlanta, WREKage, aired Friday nights on WREK 91.1 FM. The show is the longest-running show on the station and one of the longest-running metal shows in the world (22 years and counting!)

    In 'celebration' of Tuesday 6-6-06, though, we were given free reign of the airwaves from midnight to midnight that day, 24 hours of metal. It's never happened before and probably will never happen again.

    It's now a bit too late to listen to the audio archive on the website -- 24 hours of it! -- but you can see our playlists by going to and clicking on Playlists, then clicking on 6-6-06 in the dropdown menu. I'm "Paul" on the deejays' list.

    It was a monumental event in the worldwide metal community, as we discovered within an hour of the beginning of the show, with countless requests flooding in by phone, email and IM from all over the globe. We must have had well over 500. We were somewhat humbled. :)

    I managed to save off the mp3's for the show before they were overwritten a week's about 1.3 gigs' worth....but I have no real online place to put them all. :)