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I'm gonna see Opeth tonight...

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  • I'm gonna see Opeth tonight...

    This will be a great jigs, 2 former of this band came from Sweden Stockholm and the other two came from Uruguay .Strange melt but the music is the best i ever saw it's kind of progressive melodic death metal. They got a unique sound and the text are marvelous.
    I saw Elric and these lyric

    Opeth - Reverie / Harlequin Forest Lyrics

    Into the trees
    Past meadow grounds
    And further away from my home
    Baying behind me
    I hear the hounds
    Flock's chasing to find me alone

    A trail of sickness
    Leading to me
    If I am haunted
    Then you will see

    Searching the darkness
    And emptiness
    I'm hiding away from the sun
    Will never rest
    Will never be at ease
    All my matter's expired so I run

    There falls another
    Vapor hands released the blade
    Insane regrets at the drop
    Instruments of death before me

    Lose all to save a little
    At your peril it's justified
    And dismiss your demons
    As death becomes a jest
    You are the laughing stock
    Of the absinthe minded
    Confessions stuck in your mouth
    And long gone fevers reappear
    Nocturnally helpless
    And weak in the light
    Depending on a prayer
    Pacing deserted roads to find
    A seed of hope

    They are the trees
    Rotten pulp inside and never well
    Roots sucking, thieving from my source
    Tired boughs reaching for the light

    It is all false pretension
    Harlequin forest
    Awaiting redemption for a lifetime
    As they die alone
    With no one by their side
    Are they forgiven?

    Stark determination
    Poisoning the soul
    Unfettered beast inside
    Claiming sovereign control

    And now the woods are burning
    Tearing life crops asunder
    Useless blackened remains
    Still pyre smoldering

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    Yep, it will be a great gig; I've already heard stories from this tour.

    Opeth are not the most famous metal band in the world right now, but they're one of the most talked-about metal bands in the world. Their mix of prog-rock and death-metal -- sometimes jumping between the two in the space of moments, within a song --is unique, sometimes imitated, and never equalled.

    BTW, I'm not sure where their current touring drummer is from, but prior drummer Martin Lopez, who was from Uruguay, is reportedly on extended leave from the band for medical reasons. When I saw Opeth on the Sounds of the Underground tour earlier this summer, the mighty Gene Hoglan (Death, Strapping Young Lad, etc.) had to fill in on drums for Opeth on short notice, and did a superb job on the three songs they were able to fit in. :)