Anyone interested in musical Moorcockiana might well like to get hold of this CD. The late Mal Dean will be known particularly to fans of New Worlds, the Cornelius books etc. as a wonderful illustrator, but he also played the trumpet and was interested in improvised music and free jazz (he also did LP covers such as the fine example used by Incus Records - Derek Bailey's improvised music label - which was also used to illustrate one of MM's 'Legends from the End of Time' stories). His Amazing Band played spontaneously improvised music, which you either like or don't (I generally do). This recording was originally made in 1970 and was expertly remastered and released on CD in 1997. MM isn't on it, but I'd say it belongs next to your copy of 'New Worlds Fair'. You can get this disc direct from the label, FMR Records, at

Incidental item: Mal Dean was married to the poet Libby Houston, whose books of witty and poignant verse are well worth seeking out (MD illustrated several of these, too) - I remember being delighted when I attended a reading she gave when I was a student a very long time ago. I believe Ms Houston is now engaged in matters botanical at Bristol University, which seems like a nice thing for a poet to do.