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  • Collecting Envy...

    Partly as a way of alerting music fans out there to a pretty cool site, I thought I'd start a thread about your most desired music-related rarities.

    At the moment mine is the In Your Car 2-CD single set (with 4 art prints), released by Kenickie. I don't really go in for picture discs or other things like that, but I do love B-Sides... and since the band in question imploded shortly after a disappointing (IMHO) second album, extra songs from their "glory days" are most welcome.

    The link below leads to the site in question, and hopefully you'll all find something to make you curse your bank balance...
    "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild

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    This is maybe my rarest C.D. but the site doesn't have it.

    I bought it by chance when I saw them in a pub, years ago. I've been told it's pretty rare. :roll:


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      My sister loves that band, but I can't really warm to them. I don't have a big problem with them, as many people seem to (especially considering the lead singer's tendency to insult every other band he can think of) but the music doesn't do much for me. Probably a good band to see live though. They do put the effort in, I must admit.

      The rarest thing I actually own is:

      It was from an offer in Mojo magazine where you sent in آ£1-50 for postage, and the first 3000 recieved got a copy of the single. I'm a White Stripes fan, and I knew that there would be people applying just so that they could sell it on for a ridiculous mark-up, but I was pretty quick off the mark. Hopefully the song is available as an MP3 somewhere for the fans.

      It is a cool site, but obviously eBay has more choice and lower prices.
      "That which does not kill us, makes us stranger." - Trevor Goodchild


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        I sold a St.Etienne CD (I Love To Paint) earlier this year for 185 quid. (It paid for 1/2 my Mac, that's my excuse). I've got plenty of vinyl that's worth silly money but I just hold onto it to liosten to

        I don't normally go in for selling things, but that was too much to resist.


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          Originally posted by DeeCrowSeer
          My sister loves that band, but I can't really warm to them.
          I used to think they were good for washing the dishes to. Most mundane tasks are improved with falsetto.