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Sooo Much Great Audio!!

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  • Sooo Much Great Audio!!

    What you have there is a downloadable playlist of all the great audio links posted on the Webby Award winning Boing Boing blog

    Have fun!
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    No comments? Did anyone bother to download any of this great stuff? You at least want to grab the MP3 of George W. Bush speeches edited to have him singing "Imagine" if nothing else!
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      the joan baez-sounding version of NWA's classic "straight outta compton" killed me, too :lol:


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        Great! I'm glad at least you utilized the page. Perhaps I should have written more about the contents so that people didn't confuse my original post with Spam, but you'd think people hereabouts would know me better than that by now...

        I also highly suggest the "Whistler's Delight" where a dj took the whistling tracks from about a dozen different pop songs and edited them into one horrifying but fun mix. I would also think the Leary audio would be of prime interest to a lot of the people I've seen post about such things elsewhere on this board.
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          Here's another excellent site for y'all:

          This one features a place to download and upload songs that are not copyrighted to prevent such activity. I highly suggest participating in this site as it sets a precedent for sharing without RIAA interference and puts some pressure on artists and indie labels to consider this method of getting their music out without anybody having to scream "piracy" and such rubbish. I've already uploaded one Dead Air Fresheners track myself, and will be putting up much more![/url]
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            I like - not just because of the music - but because they sell high bit rate MP3s with no rights restrictions. Actually, I've never bought anything off there, I use it to listen to previews and then buy the CD - but I like the principle that they don't treat their users as potential criminals (as, lets face it, if they wanted to distribute or download a pirate copy, they will) - and I like the idea that the musicians get paid.

            The whole CC still strikes me as problematic, in that while it's fine for promotion, it doesn't offer a way for people to get paid, without maybe later moving to a charged form of licensing, or 'adding value' (i.e. producing a lovely ltd. ed CD with nice packaging that people will want to buy). And given what happens in software when people move a free shareware project to become commercial, people seem to have this expectation that if you do anything for free, everything you do should be.
            That's free as in beer, not in freedom.

            I've also read that bands should give up making money off recordings, they should just be an advert for their live show, which seems a pretty out of date idea as to how music is made these days . . . and strikes me as like saying authors should make money out of personal appearances and readings, or actors from the theatre.

            I think the RIAA are getting the solutions wrong, but they do have some valid points, which is that if Joe Bloggs can not pay and not get caught, a large percentage of people won't pay. Yes, it's ridiculous trying to put chips into TV recorders to prevent people skipping the adverts, but their seems to be a delusion on the consumers part as to how television gets made (if advertising didn't work, people wouldn't do it), or the large number of people who used to quote the physical manufacturing cost of a CD as to why they were over-priced (which they were) - 'they only cost 50p to make' . . .

            On one level, it's not an issue - much of the music I like is the kind of thing that's only benefitted from the web (marginal audience is now a global marginal audience). But on another, why is anyone going to fund a TV series ?


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              Interesting points Jules.

              As an artist, personally, I long ago resigned to getting heard way over getting paid. Nobody actually makes much off of record sales except megastars with good lawyers (see the "Some of your friends are probably already this fucked" thread!) Personally I'm just excited to have people enjoying my music in countries I probably won't ever be able to afford to go to.

              Just like radio play, file-sharing is probably best left as a promotional tool. Really, if people are listening to your music all over the world, that will open opportunities to perform for pay and maybe even record deals if the labels ever wake up from their bloated drug-induced sleep fueled with fever dreams of "piracy". The only people being robbed are the master-thieves!
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                There's a fantastic sleeve note on either a Make-Up or Weird War LP that is a cod-Marxist analysis of shrinking bands - from the orchestra to the beat combo to the solo synth player - suggesting that at each stage the record company needs to fund less musicians. It's tongue in cheek yet also a fair poin . . . that other Albini relasted thread is bang on - I get frustrated that people sign a 100000 pound deal and think that it's anything more than a 100000 pound loan, as if they've screwed someone out of some money - well, yes, if you're not going to be succesful, but divide it between a 4 piece band and you've got yourself about a years (good) salary, before you start recording.

                I'm not sure that the only people being robbed are the master-thieves - I know too many people who pirate anything, without regard to who it hurts - I don't think I'd mind if it was actively political - I'm going to screw EMI. Then again, they're not the type of people that would pirate Robert Wyatt LPs and most of his fans are fans who will suppor him, so maybe ART will win out.

                I mean saying this I taped something like 500 LPs when I was in my teens and had no money, and I have barely any pirated records now - i.e. I bought a lot of what I copied. But I'm not sure I would of it they were MP3s - there's a difference between a tape copy and an LP or CD, but with MP3s - well, the bought ones are worse if anything (DRM, lower bit rates).


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                  It just disgusts me when I read an interview with Sonic Youth and they openly say they are into their music being fileshared, or Trail of Dead who I consider some of those "fucked friends" for that matter. And they both have damn FBI warnings on their CDs because you gotta go along with what the boss says if you want to keep your job. I'm glad I'm not part of that game, though in the end I have to work for a living to play every once in awhile.


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                    Oops. This is of coure Dead-Air Forgot my login doesn't follow me to Olympia. I'm here for the 11th Annual Experimental Music Festival (I started the event 11 years ago, the Dead Air Fresheners are playing Saturday night...)

                    I tried logging back in, but I have no idea what a "Security Code" is...