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Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Concert Review - 16 May 2005

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  • Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds Concert Review - 16 May 2005

    Well, seeing as I have been flagging this for some weeks I thought I had better put up a review for anyone who cares.

    First point: At some stage in your life you MUST catch Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds live in concert. They are one of THE great performing bands and on a good night will wipe the floor sonically, aesthetically, musically with any other outfit you could name.

    That said, the May 16th gig was not the best I have seen them. Don't get me wrong - they were great and probably better than most other bands I have seen in my 41 years. But I have seen them better. There were a number of sound problems that night that destroyed the impact of the first four songs.

    Still there were a number of particular highlights. Particularly the encores - "Darker with Day" was sensational, "The Ship Song" was beautifully reimagined, "City of Refuge" was sensational. Dammit they were all good.

    Nick Cave was at his howlin' n prowlin' best, the two drummers (Thomas Wydler and Jim Sclavunos) provided a diverse range of percussion for Martin P Casey (on bass) to work around, Jim Johnson flicked between guitar and electric organ with a wild deftness, Conway Savage built beautiful layers and melodies with his piano (now there's a guy I want to see solo) and Mick Harvey was the backbone of the whole set, layering guitar from harmonics and feedback, to wild strumming. Only Warren Ellis, on violin, seemed a bit out of sorts - though his solo on "Darker With The Day" made up for a lot. And then there were the gospel singers who added a new dimension and depth to the whole sound and let Nick work with some interesting call and response type arrangements.

    Really it was only the sound that let them down - I am more used to the Badseed rhythm section propelling the music like a big boot up the jacksie. This didn't quite gel - though I think it was more an issue with the mix than the players.

    Anyway, for those who care - here is the setlist:

    Abattoir Blues
    Get Ready For Love
    Red Right Hand
    Hiding All Away
    Easy Money
    Do You Love Me?
    Weeping Song
    Babe You Turn Me On
    Mercy Seat
    There She Goes My Beautiful World

    First Encore
    Darker with the Day
    Ship Song
    City of Refuge
    God is in the House
    Stagger Lee

    Second Encore
    Lyre of Orpheus
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    Happy Birthday! They were great in Glasgow last year too (but it was probably colder when we got outside )
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