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Many people have given their valuable time to create a website for the pleasure of posing questions to Michael Moorcock, meeting people from around the world, and mining the site for information. Please follow one of the links above to learn more about the site.

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    Shameless Self Promotion

    I don't think anybody on here is in the Portland area, but then you never know who lurks...

    36 Invisibles Presents: An evening of beautiful noise and envigorating dissonance to shake away the Monday blues and create an echo to last well into 2005!

    Monday, January 10th, 9:00 pm $5 21+
    The Jasmine Tree, SW 4th and harrison


    DAVENPORT - Beloved ritual music collective from Madison, WI
    "Davenport seems more like a ritual than an improvised music group at times. These ritualistic tendencies manifest themselves in multiple ways. Chanting and wailing are the most obvious examples, but rhythmic percussion that sounds straight out of Africa provides the foundation for everything. ...greatness on many levels. First, the sequencing is brilliant. Davenport basically take the inverted pyramid approach and knock you on your ass as soon as the first track starts. Within two minutes, they are howling at the moon like a pack of werewolves. Booming percussion stomps its way to the forefront and turns the intensity up another notch. It's like throwing raw meat to a bunch of starving sharks; it just further drives them into a chaotic frenzy. ...if there's anything to learn here, it's not to let your guard down. ...a band that has made tremendous strides in the past year. It's amazing to hear the level they're performing at these days. They are making their mark as one of the best and most exciting new groups in the United States. Their message is finally being heard by a larger audience. ...raw, passionate, psych-laced band. Turn up the volume. Relax. And prepare to join the Church of Davenport." - Brad Rose

    NOANCER vs. NEQUAQUAM VACUUM - Seattle electronic
    noise duo faces off against Portland's post-asiatic scrap metal heartthrobs, for recording and release.
    NOANCER - These two psychedelic cowboys came out of the desert with bad cactus in the bloodstream and alien transmissions on the brain. Their old - timey blend of slide guitar and keys will soothe your soles, tickle your chaps, and slightly rearrange your cellular chemistry... Noancer creates complex drones, interweaving pulses, polyrhythms, and rich ambient passages. The slide guitar and processing styles of Casey Jones combine prepared strings, electromagnetic motors & frequency controlled filters. Jeff Mueller (Xaxis Wye) bends synthesizer tones beyond that of normal parameters by attacking the controls in rapid series using extreme settings and unusual modulations. Both modern sonic sensibilities and live instrumental exploration come together for a very organic, yet other-worldly journey in sound.
    NEQUAQUAM VACUUM-Comprising a core of three multi-instrumentalists (Tyler Armstrong, Noah Mickens and Travis McAlister), as well as a revolving cast of collaborators, Nequaquam Vacuum has been playing free music in Portland since mid-2000. The music they play, though entirely improvised, has over time taken on an increasingly Asian aesthetic; drawing comparisons to Indonesian gamelan and Chinese Noh Theater as often as to Harry Partch or 23 Skidoo. A broad instrumental mix lends to this inscrutable style; combining scrap metal percussion (our first love) with a myriad of wind instruments from across the globe, devised instruments such as the Suspended Triple Steel Cello and Baritone String Can, a legion of drums and other traditional percussion instruments, toys and noisemakers, vintage electronics, and 300-pound prepared piano harp.

    DEAD AIR FRESHENERS - Post-NW masked anti-instrumental trio
    The Dead Air Fresheners play music that is composed in the chance indeterminancy tradition of John Cage using everything from lo-fi tape decks to mini-moog and digerido. They began making noises in Olympia, WA in 1997, but are perhaps best known for a period of recording and touring at the dawn of the current millenium as supporting musicians for legendary underground poet Chuck Swaim. A recent move of core members of the Dead Air Fresheners to Portland has however put them back in their original masked instrumental context. Nobody is quite sure who the members of the Dead Air Fresheners are, including the people comprising the group. This performance will see three masked figures originating from Portland, Olympia, and Seattle playing recordings of other absent musicians in conjuntion with their own live communication. The piece they have prepared is titled: "Passionate and Disolvable Lozenges for Serious Fellows."

    A: FREQUENCY - A duo incarnation of the experimental
    rock group featuring hypertensive Seattle performance
    artist Aaron Cayko (pronounced "Psycho").
    A.Frequency have been playing odd one-off gigs since 1994. It's unique in that nobody can quite put their finger on the group. A notable weave seems to be present at every performance, though the members try not to compete in the same frequency range. At times the music is not distant from post-punk rock with a healthy Fall influence, yet other moments things disolve into an edgy performance art experience that rarely fails to leave audience members untouched. Beware the touch as it can be prickly.
    My Facebook; My Band; My Radio Show; My Flickr Page; Science Fiction Message Board