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A Medieval Tribute to Black Sabbath

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  • A Medieval Tribute to Black Sabbath

    OK, this has been out for some years now, but I am sure there are still some people who have yet to come across it.

    Rondellus is a group of individuals from Estonia who professionally perform early and medieval music. An idea was put to them to re-arrange classic Black Sabbath tracks in the style of the 14th Century, using instruments from the period, and to rewrite the lyrics in Latin. The result "Sabbatum" is nothing short of extraordinary and is, by far, the most original and interesting Sabbath tributes ever.

    At the time of release I was heavily pushing it in the UK music press. It was played on the John Peel show, as well as Classic FM!!

    Since then it has also been issued in the States (Music Cartel I think). For more information, and downloads, don't hesitate to look at the site Surely this is of interest to a vast swathe of people, and not just those that think this is a novelty only release.
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