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"Dragonlord" by Domine

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  • "Dragonlord" by Domine

    Has anyone else out there heard the album "Dragonlord" by Domine? There are two songs on the album dedicated to Elric "Dragonlord: Master of The Mightiest Beasts" and "Last of The Dragonlords". It also features some gorgeous Elric artwork on and within the cover. The song Dragonlord.. is nothing short of a perfect theme song for Elric, and always puts me right in the middle of the stories. If you haven't heard these songs, you should definately give them a listen, its well worth it. As for the genre of music, they are a mideavil, melodic metal.

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    I'll have to check my sources for that; sounds intriguing. I like melodic metal, but I tend to draw the line when the cheeesiness reaches to Rhapsody-like levels. :D